Radio host Rush Limbaugh said it was “stunning” to watch the lengths media outlets went to Wednesday night to withhold the identity and motivation of California’s terror-attack perpetrator, Syed Rizwan Farook.

“It’s just stunning. It has been eye opening. It has been educational, informative and illustrative to watch the pained efforts of many, primarily in the media and many of their guests, to try to tell people this was not what we all know it is,” Limbaugh said Thursday. “Before anybody knew anything, the left on their blogs and websites were out blaming right-wing Christians.

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Farook, 28, and his wife Tashfeen Malik, 27, killed 14 at the Inland Regional Center in San Bernardino. The two brought rifles, pistols, improvised explosive devices and a large amount of ammunition to their rampage. They were killed less than three miles away during a shootout with police.


“I had cable news on, and I was going all over the place, for hours. And I haven’t done that in I can’t tell you how long. And I learned last night why. It was frustrating. It was insulting. It was insipid. Everybody tiptoeing around,” the conservative icon continued. “They were tiptoeing around that it even was a Muslim. They were tiptoeing around that. ‘Well, we’ve got the name, but we can’t go public with the name! It’s a very, very, very delicate situation, all these worldwide activities.'”

Limbaugh said another thing he has never seen before is the speed at which the Council on American-Islamic Relations, or CAIR, held a press conference — before many networks announced Farook’s name.

The radio host said CAIR-LA Executive Director Hussam Ayloush mentioned “ideological extremism” instead of “religious extremism” as a possible motive to try and inoculate Islam from criticism.

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“Ah, it was just workplace violence. That’s all it was. Nothing to see here, workplace violence,” joked Limbaugh. “There you have it. Devout Muslim, his father says so, at a government holiday party. Make no mistake, it was a Christmas party. That alone could have been enough to set the guy off, who knows, but I think it was premeditated. It was planned, has to have been with everything we know about what happened.”

Limbaugh concluded his segment by saying Americans need to find the political and cultural will to identify Shariah law as problem. He said the solution to dealing with Islamic terrorism will be found only after citizens find the courage to identify its practitioners as a threat to civil society.

Former FBI Assistant Director Chris Swecker told CNBC on Thursday that the agency is using an “all hands on deck” effort to examine the couple’s past, WND reported.

Farook recently flew to Saudi Arabia. Law-enforcement sources close to the agency’s investigation told CNN he was in touch with terror suspects currently under investigation.

“They’ll be looking hard at phones, they’ll be looking at social media, they’ll be looking at computers,” Swecker told the network.

President Obama has refrained from calling Farook’s mass killing an act of terrorism.

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