Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck

Rafael Cruz, a Christian minister, speaker and the father of GOP presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, is calling Christians and their leaders to get involved politically or face the fact that it will be the “wicked electing the wicked.”

Cruz’s father, whose new book, “A Time for Action: Empowering the Faithful to Reclaim America,” addresses the issue, was interviewed by Glenn Beck on a recent radio program.

He pointed to GOP front-runner Donald Trump’s presentation of himself as an evangelical Christian.

“If Christians just do what they’re supposed to do biblically, the whole game changes,” Rafael Cruz told Beck.

He explained: “Too many pastors have been divorced from the political process. And they have just tried to be politically correct instead of biblically correct.”

He noted the apostle Paul wrote of teaching the “whole counsel of God.”

And then there was a George Barna survey that found 90 percent of pastors believe the Bible addresses “every issue” facing America. But only 10 percent said they preach on those biblical solutions.

Proverbs declares, “When the righteous are in authority the people rejoice,” but when the wicked are in power, there is “mourning,” he said.

Cruz said that when people follow the Judeo-Christian principles of America’s founding, “we have harmony, we have peace, we have prosperity.”

But trampling them produces “discord,” he said.

Then we have the “wicked electing the wicked.”

“It becomes our fault,” he said.

Beck mentioned an excuse he hears: people of high moral principle become fed up with politicians lying to them. They come to believe all politicians are liars and thus they stop voting. But that is the wrong course of action to take, according to Cruz.

“That’s throwing out the baby with the bathwater,” he said. “I know the comment that you hear very often: ‘Politics is a dirty business. I don’t want any part of it.’ Well, if people of principle say that, politics will continue to be a dirty business. What we need, if you say politics is a dirty business, is we need people of principle to run for public office, and we need people of principle to vote for people of principle.”

When it’s time to vote, Cruz recommends people ignore the rhetoric and focus on a candidate’s record. He also said voters should think for themselves instead of relying on their families’ voting history.

“It’s not enough to be informed,” Cruz said. “The problem is people have been voting tradition instead of voting conviction. They vote for a particular party because their parents or grandparents voted for that party, regardless of whether that party stands for the principles that have made America great. We need to find where these candidates stand and vote for those that reflect those values that you believe and that have made America that shining city on a hill.”

Naturally, Cruz believes his son is the presidential candidate who will best uphold the principles that have made America great.

When Rafael thinks about his story of coming to America from Cuba and working his way from dishwasher to entrepreneur, he realizes how remarkable it is that his son could become president.

“I remember when I was at the Senate chamber watching him being sworn in,” the proud father recalled. “I couldn’t contain the tears from my eyes. To think about this kid, the first generation after I came to this country, not only being sworn in as U.S. senator, but I believe he will be the next president of the United States of America. Where else in the world can that happen? Only in America.”

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