A stunning verdict on America has been declared: The nation has rejected its Judeo-Christian roots and is given over to a spirit of sin and rebellion. Millions of Americans sense the change and rightly fear for the future of their country. But few recognize that what is happening is the fulfillment of biblical prophecy in our own time.

That startling conclusion is one the American people desperately need to understand, according to noted Bible teacher and author Bill Cloud.

In a recent interview with radio talk-show host Carl Gallups, the Christian author discussed his new book, “Esau Rising: Ancient Adversaries and the War for America’s Soul.”

Cloud outlined the story of Esau and Jacob, the grandsons of Abraham and the sons of Isaac and his wife, Rebecca. He said Esau and Jacob represent two different attitudes people can take toward life, two different kinds of people who will always be in conflict.

“When Rebecca finally became pregnant, the Bible says that she was disturbed because she realized that there was a struggle within her womb,” Cloud explained. “And she was told by God that she has two nations growing within her womb and to paraphrase, that these two would always be warring with one another to see who would have the dominance. The prophecy that she was given is that the older one, who turns out to be Esau, is going to serve the younger one, who turns out to be Jacob who eventually becomes Israel.”

Esau eventually sells his birthright to Jacob for a bowl of soup. Cloud argues the story of Esau’s choice contains a larger lesson for contemporary Christians.

“There’s a lot more to Esau than what meets the eye,” said Cloud. “In other words, his natural characteristics that are described for us are also descriptive of his spiritual attitudes. And most of those are carnal, earthly. He’s profane, he’s lawless and all these things.

“What Esau represents is that mindset, that lifestyle that would be willing to give away things that are sacred, in this case the birthright. Things that are holy. Things that are of eternal value. And he does it for something that is as common as a bowl of soup. What we try to do is establish the fact that what happened long ago is a pattern for what’s happening right now.”

Cloud argued Americans are following Esau’s pattern of behavior by turning away from traditional morality and the fear of God. Instead, they are giving in to carnality, pursuing materialism and trading away their liberty and their values to fulfill immediate desires.

“In an American context, we now live in a day and time where there are people who are willing to trade away their birthright, or, if you will, our national heritage,” argued Cloud. “And by that I mean that heritage that acknowledges the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. We’re willing to give it away for free health care, or free education, or whatever the whim is that we’re desiring at that time. We’ve got people who now say, ‘We don’t care what our fathers lived for, fought for, died for, we want what we want and we want it now.'”

However, Cloud warns there is a prophecy that Esau will eventually gain his revenge for losing the birthright. Esau is told he will eventually have the opportunity to break the yoke upon his neck and will no longer have to serve his brother Jacob. And this prophecy has major ramifications for contemporary Christians, according to Cloud.

“The inference would be then that Esau will have an opportunity to put a yoke on Jacob’s neck, or, to put it this way, upon the neck of God’s people,” said Cloud. “When we look at what’s happening now, with bakers losing their livelihoods because they took a stand against same-sex marriage … it seems like there is a yoke being placed upon the neck of God’s people and I suggest strongly in the book it’s because the spirit of Esau is rising up.”

Cloud believes the rise of Esau’s spirit in modern America was preordained.

“What we see and what demonstrate in the book is that what was happening long ago is happening now,” he explained. “And by the way, that’s a biblical concept. If you want to understand what’s happening today you need to understand what has already been. What happened long ago is happening right before us, and this spirit of Esau is rising all over the world and especially, it seems, in America.”

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Cloud said the “yoke” being put upon Christians constitutes a form of persecution. He noted the irony that those who so frequently speak of the need to “co-exist” are usually the ones to lead campaigns against Christians.

Gallups enthusiastically agreed with Cloud’s dire outlook and said repentance is sorely needed.

“The spirit of deceit sweeps our land, and truth is being thrown to the ground,” Gallups stated in an interview with WND. “Violence, anger, division and rebellion are descending upon us and smothering out freedom, unity and benevolence. If America doesn’t repent soon, beginning in its pulpits and pews – and moving to the halls of its government – we will be destroyed. America is at a crossroads. Will we uphold the birthright and blessing, or will we sell out totally and reap the judgment that is to come?”

Gallups himself has warned of imminent persecution in his book “Be Thou Prepared.” He bemoaned the moral decline of once-Christian America and how the nation, like Esau, has traded away its Christian birthright for material gain.

“Like Esau, we are rejecting the blessing of our fathers and living for the moment, we are only interested in matters of the flesh,” he said. “The Spirit of Esau is tolerant of everything – except the Word of God and the people of God. We destroy our babies while protecting eagle’s nests. We teach our children they come from chimpanzees. We tell our children that marriage can be practically anything one ‘feels’ is right. With that rebellious spirit eventually comes persecution of God’s people. We are watching it happen now, especially in light of the Supreme Court imposing homosexual marriage. And it promises only to get worse.”

Gallups admitted the message both he and Cloud are telling people is not optimistic. But he said he has a responsibility to tell the truth as he sees it and encourage Christians to remain strong in their faith.

“The United States is still the largest Christian nation in the world as far as the sheer number of those who claim to be a Christian,” he observed. “But, it appears that light is quickly fading. The yoke has been lifted from Esau’s neck – and God’s people will now feel the brunt of Esau’s freedom.”

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