Chris Matthews, host of “Hardball” on MSNBC, had harsh words for President Obama’s response to the Brussels’ terror attacks, saying the White House chief ought to know optics matter.

“Let’s talk about President Obama’s behavior,” Matthews said on a recent broadcast, Breitbart reported. “I grew up in a big city, Philadelphia … when there was a big fire, you want to see the mayor on the other curb, watching it. You want to see the police chief, standing there, the fire chief, you want to see them standing on the curb. You don’t want to hear they phoned it in.”

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And Obama’s reaction to the terror strikes in Brussels was sorely lacking, Matthews said.

“The president was off base,” he said. “He wasn’t there. What could he have done better by taking a minute away from a baseball game? He had to do something.”

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An MSNBC contributor then pointed out that president always fields criticism for his response to various world events, no matter how he reacts.

But Matthews said this time, the criticisms were perhaps warranted.

When the contributor complained Republicans “constantly kick the president for not doing something that they think he should do,” Matthews responded, Breitbart reported: “There might be another sin there, too, to defend him on every front. Just a thought.”

Obama was widely criticized for focusing only one minute of his lengthy speech from Cuba on the Brussels terror attack.

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