Donald Trump

Donald Trump

Donald Trump told radio host Michael Savage that he would seek the legal means as president to engage in interrogation techniques “worse than waterboarding.”

Savage invited the Republican front-runner on “The Savage Nation” on Monday to clear up any last-minute confusion primary voters might have about Trump’s stance on H1-B guest-worker visas or his plans for dealing with Islamic terrorists. The billionaire’s answers are once again likely to thrill supporters and terrify critics.

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“Can you clarify your position on having American soldiers torture [ISIS] in order to get information out of them? Where do you really stand on that?” Savage asked. The host’s questions came in response to last Thursday’s Republican debate in Detroit, Michigan, where Trump said military personnel would “do as I tell them” regarding interrogation techniques deemed torture by international law.

Trump said the next day that he would “not order a military officer to disobey the law,” but Savage sought further comment on “fighting fire with fire” against Islamic terrorists.

“The question was asked to [Texas Sen.] Ted Cruz, and he didn’t want to get involved in it because he thought that waterboarding is so terrible,” Trump said of his last debate performance. “Then they looked over to me and I said, ‘Absolutely I want waterboarding.’ I absolutely want it. I’m talking about within the laws. I want to expand the laws to include waterboarding and include worse than waterboarding. What we’re doing is, we’re fighting people that have no rules and regulations. We’re putting all these rules and regulations on, whether it’s torture or whatever you want to call it. How are we going to compete with an enemy when they have no rules and regulations, and yet we put all these restrictions on?”

Savage then said President Obama’s anti-ISIS strategy is like a boxer who allows his opponent to punch below the belt with impunity.

“These guys are allowed to walk in with a machine gun, and we’re allowed to walk in with nice soft gloves,” added Trump. “We live within the laws. We have to widen the laws so we can do things to do what we have to do.”

Michael Savage

The billionaire also took time to once again discuss his position on H1-B visas.

“We need to keep it down to a minimum. … Our job situation in this country is an absolute disaster because the 5 percent rate they talk about is probably 25 percent. … We have to get jobs for our people first. That’s just not what’s happening. You know that better than almost anybody. ”

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Trump will see if his message resonates with Michigan primary voters on Tuesday. A new NBC News/Wall Street Journal/Marist poll released Sunday shows the billionaire capturing 41 percent support compared to Cruz’s 22 percent.

The survey, conducted from March 1 through March 3, questioned 482 likely Republicans and has a margin of error of plus or minus 4.5 percentage points.

Trump Michigan poll


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