Let’s look at the bright side of the Republican primary contest so far:

  • The Republican establishment, which set the rules for how the 2016 primaries would be conducted, have been utterly defeated. There’s no way they can win. One by one, its candidates have been defeated. One still standing, John Kasich, has been mathematically eliminated from any chance of winning the nomination on the first ballot. He just can’t count, or has some other reason for remaining in the race. The two front-runners are anti-establishment – and either is well-positioned to win the general election in November.
  • The terms of debate have been reset. All candidates left standing, even the last Republican establishment favorite, have been forced to agree that a big wall needs to be built to put a stop to the flood of illegal immigration across the southern border. The mental illness of political correctness has been set back 30 years. The political left is desperate, and it shows in its desperate tactics of violence and intimidation.
  • Voters have been energized by the liveliness of the debate – setting records for turnout in primary after primary, with many Democrats and independents crossing over to be part of the fun.
  • Meanwhile, on the other side, two left-wing extremists try to outdo one another in their wacky, non-mainstream, fringe ideas. The leading candidate is considered fundamentally dishonest among most Democrat voters. The Democratic primary system is anything but democratic. The fix is in – and everyone knows it.

You might think all of this would be cause for celebration among nearly all Republicans – especially those who have battled the party’s establishment since Ronald Reagan left office.

Think again.

Some of the most conservative Republicans are wringing their hands.

Few are breaking out the champagne.

Uniformly, those who are worried fear Donald Trump. They are actively plotting how to thwart him, sabotage him, stop him by almost any means necessary short of joining the MoveOn.org nutcases.

The question is why.

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The Republican establishment, which has been arguably the No. 1 enemy of conservatives, has been overcome.

Few saw it coming. Maybe some haven’t recognize it yet. They’re done. Its only hope now is a hopelessly deadlocked convention in which a white knight rides in to the rescue.

For some conservatives, they are actually thinking about pushing a third-party candidate to run if Trump is nominated.

It’s crazy!

It is quite literally the only scenario that would snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

Donald Trump may not be the conventional, anti-establishment candidate, but tell me how he could possibly be worse than the last two Republican nominees in 2008 and 2012?

Can anyone imagine Trump actually being worse than John McCain or Mitt Romney if he wins?

I can’t. As a matter of fact, I can honestly say I would expect him to be much, much better.

Ted Cruz, should he win, would be like Ronald Reagan.

So that’s where we are today.

If Republicans simply vote their consciences between now and the convention, they are likely to have the strongest nominee Republicans have had since 1988, when they won a landslide victory.

Come 2017, Republicans will have no more excuses as to why they can’t do the following:

  • Repeal Obamacare
  • Secure the borders
  • Return prosperity to America through lower taxation, deregulation and ending borrowing
  • Defund Planned Parenthood
  • Cut Washington spending and end federal power grabs
  • Return to constitutionally limited government
  • Appoint Supreme Court justices who believe in the original intent of the founders

Can someone please explain to me why Republicans aren’t just giddy about November?

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