As someone who marched with Martin Luther King Jr., I am offended and embarrassed by where the “civil rights” movement has found itself in 2016.

As a youngster, I remember traveling through the Deep South and seeing racially segregated public restrooms. I had heard of such things, but I had never seen them with my own eyes. I thought they were a vestige of the early 20th century, and my trip down South was in 1965. Just like that, I became a civil rights activist.

But today, apparently, the so-called “civil rights” activists are making a mockery of what we fought for in the 1960s – namely racial equality.

What the new “civil rights” activists are pushing is not the right of all people to equal treatment, but special considerations and privileges based on their feelings about themselves.

“Transgendereds” are, as I understand it, people who are either confused about their sexual identity or in the process of mutilating themselves so they can pretend to be a member of the opposite sex. I have compassion for these people, but they are being victimized and patronized by a culture of accommodation and when they really need counseling.

Furthermore, by demanding that “transgendereds,” as a class of people, should be able to choose the restroom or locker room of their choice – in schools, restaurants, hotels, airports and workplaces – creates far more problems than it solves.

First of all, “transgenderism” is a state of mind. What is to prevent sexual predators from posing as “transgendereds” under these new “civil rights” breakthroughs? It’s only a matter of time. I suspect there are many rapists contemplating using isolated women’s restrooms for future attacks.

Second of all, I don’t much want to share a restroom with a woman who thinks she’s really a man. I’ll be very honest about that. I remember visiting Amsterdam a few years ago and had to use a public restroom. I was appalled that it was staffed by women attendants. I suddenly lost the overwhelming desire to relieve myself.

Thirdly, this public accommodation is one of many efforts designed to encourage people – even children – to make lifetime choices that many will regret later. They are based on a lie – that your sex is a choice. It is not. You are what you are. Deal with it. Live in the real world.

I don’t care what anyone calls me, this is a sick and twisted agenda. It’s time for someone to say it. I don’t want my children and grandchildren subjected to this kind of humiliation.

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Recently, a Virginia school attempted to make a reasonable accommodation for one student confused about her sex. The school offered a separate restroom to use for the girl who “identified as a boy.”

What happened?

The federal Fourth Circuit Court ruled today against a Virginia school district that sought to accommodate the “transgender” student while also protecting the privacy rights of other students.

The federal court concluded that Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 – which prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex – should be interpreted as prohibiting discrimination on the basis of gender identity, as a Department of Education letter suggested in 2015. The ruling allows a lawsuit brought by a “transgender” student to proceed.

In a stinging dissent, Judge Paul Niemeyer points out that “the majority’s opinion, for the first time ever, holds that a public high school may not provide separate restrooms and locker rooms on the basis of biological sex.” It’s hard to imagine that that’s what Congress was prohibiting when it enacted Title IX in 1972.

In other words, any boy who wants to use the girls’ restroom or locker room has the “right” to do so under this ruling. Likewise, any girl who wants to use the boys’ restroom or locker room has the “right” to do so.

Can you imagine the chaos? Can you imagine the mayhem and confusion this will cause?

We’re turning “civil rights” on its head. Washington politicians in black robes are rewriting common-sense laws and morality, just as they did with “same-sex” marriage.

The late Justice Antonin Scalia warned us about where we were heading with this sexual anarchy.

Welcome to the brave new world of gender bending.

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