Forget the fact there was an NBA playoff game taking place at the Philips Arena in Atlanta Tuesday night.

The real action was in the stands, as a young girl was caught on the Kiss Cam shoveling two pieces of pizza down her gullet.

While the camera ostensibly focused in on a couple prompting them to smooch for the viewing public, it was the young blonde packing two slices that captured everyone’s attention.

Watch the video:

Media across America have dubbed the food fanatic as “Pizza Girl,” with UsWeekly noting, “Pizza girl switched back and forth between her slices, showing love to both pieces while her friend awkwardly waved and cringed.”

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There are some who claim the whole Pizza Girl incident is a hoax.

One commenter on Reddit claimed: “I was at the Hawks/Celtics game on Saturday and that same guy was on the kiss cam. I remember his doofy face and totally not staged act of him ‘accidentally spilling’ his beer on the Celtics fan in front of him. I can’t recall of the girl actor is the same. Yes. They are all actors.”

Another noted, “You mean the woman wasn’t just casually dual-wielding pizza slices before showing on camera and just gorging herself? Shock and awe.”

But one said even if it were staged, it’s irrelevant: “If it gets the LOLs, who cares? Hilarious.”

Other commenters online are professing their fondness for the foodmistress:

  • “I think I’m in love. I could pull the ultimate 3-way. Her, me, and pizza. It’s a total Costanza move.”
  • “Marry me, Pizza Girl.”
  • “Her friend is so hilariously embarrassed for her. They are adorable.”
  • “Any girl who loves pizza that much is a keeper.”

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