Thousands of educators and students have descended on Philadelphia for the 17th annual White Privilege Conference, which ends this weekend. The annual gathering aims to arm attendees with the knowledge they need to teach the theory of “white privilege” to others.

Award-winning journalist Cheryl Chumley, a WND staff writer, is fed up with the American leftist obsession with race.

“Can we just stop already with the separation of classes in society by race?” Chumley pleaded. “Can we just agree that, yes, while racism does exist, and, yes, while racism – against all races, not just a select one or two – does persist as one of the great evils in the world, that no country but America offers the individual, regardless of ethnic background, a real chance to rise to the top of his or her game and utilize the God-given talents to become their personal best?”

Chumley’s view is not shared by the Privilege Institute, which organizes the White Privilege Conference. In a letter to conference attendees, Privilege Institute President Eddie Moore Jr. wrote, “Our vision is to build a community committed to dismantling white privilege, white supremacy and oppression, every day, everywhere.”

A separate letter to conference participants explained why this year’s conference was in Philadelphia, home of the Liberty Bell and birthplace of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution:

“Throughout the history of the United States, ‘liberty’ and ‘justice’ have been espoused values, which have only ever applied to a very small minority of people. The Constitution supported the enslavement of Africans; the U.S. government orchestrated the decimation of Native American nations; until 1952 Congress prohibited Asians and Latinos from naturalizing as U.S. citizens because they were not white; the Bill of Rights did not apply to persons who were not white, male and Christian.”

This year a record 2,500 teachers, counselors, school administrators and students are attending the conference, according to EAG News. International journalist and education expert Alex Newman is disgusted to see so many educators flocking to such an event.

“It is clear that these kooky ‘privilege’ theorists do not belong in the classroom with children, much less in a classroom generously funded by taxpayers,” said Newman, author of “Crimes of the Educators.” “The American people send their children to school to learn how to read, write, do math, and to understand science and history. This brainwashing program of hate, extremism, and shameful race-mongering does not fall into any of those categories.”

Conference participants have certainly made strong statements in the past. At the 2014 event, a white high school English teacher hosted a session in which she said a white person fighting oppression is like an alcoholic trying to resist the temptation to drink: White people are so deeply embedded with racism that it’s hard for them to do anti-racist work.

EAG News attended that 2014 conference in Madison, Wisconsin, and discreetly recorded some of the sessions. In one of its videos, a white student can be heard telling an audience, “I’m going to go home and tell my parents that I’m a racist, and I’m not proud of that, but I am proud that I can say that.”

Another video showed an eight-year-old child reciting what he had learned about white privilege: “White privilege is when people that are white get an advantage to the people who are people of color. So if there was, like, a job, and a person of color was applying, and a white person was applying, and the owner was a white person, they might pick the white person just because of the person’s color, even if the black person was better.”

Newman said this sort of indoctrination is not healthy for children.

“Making a white child feel guilty merely because of his skin color is racism and child abuse,” he declared. “Making a black child feel oppressed or undervalued because of his skin color is racism and child abuse. If it was not for these race-mongering extremists constantly dividing Americans based on arbitrary characteristics such as melanin content, children would not even think about race or skin color.”

Jesse Lee Peterson, a radio talk-show host and founder of the nonprofit Brotherhood Organization of a New Destiny, watched the EAG videos and was horrified to see teachers brainwashing so many children in white privilege doctrine.

“It was so sad to see that instead of teaching those kids to read, write and do math, they were teaching them to hate their fellow man,” Peterson lamented. “I’ve worked with a lot of young kids, black kids especially, over the last 26 years. These kids can barely read and write, but they have a lot of anger in their hearts. They have been taught to be angry and to blame other people and to feel like victims.”

He said it’s not good for children of color to hear “white privilege” is the reason they are not succeeding in life.

“Can you imagine the hard life that those black kids and non-white kids are going to have now, believing that racism is holding them back and if you don’t have the right skin color, which is white, life is going to be extremely hard because white people are going to discriminate against you?” Peterson asked.

Peterson, a WND columnist and author of “The Antidote: Healing America from the Poison of Hate, Blame, and Victimhood,” called out the adult presenters at the conference for their role in further dividing children of different races.

“Those adult educators who are brainwashing those young people like that are evil people. They’re evil to the core, and this should be a crime, really, against children by these adults. These people need to be arrested because they’re destroying the souls of white kids and black kids. They’re taking away their ability to work together as one, to come together as Americans.”

Photographs and videos from previous conferences seem to indicate that most attendees are in fact white people. Chumley, who authored “The Devil in DC: Winning Back the Country from the Beast in Washington,” hopes white people are not going to this event for the wrong reasons.

“God forbid they’re doing it out of guilt,” she said. “Let’s hope they’re going for personal interest, or maybe as a ‘know thy enemy’ exercise. If they’re going out of guilt, then I would say it appears the left’s brainwashing has been proceeding swimmingly – and maybe those on the other side of such nonsense ought to ramp up the counterattacks.”

Peterson, for his part, thinks guilt is what drives so many whites to the White Privilege Conference. He suspects some educators attend out of fear of being called racist if they don’t show up.

This year’s conference includes many workshops and caucus groups for students and adults. Student workshops include such titles as, “I’m a good person! Isn’t that Enough?” “Nativism 101,” and “White Privilege and Implicit Bias: Dealing with Unconscious Stereotypes and Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack.”

The conference also includes breakout sessions like the “4th Annual Black Male Think Tank” and “White Women: Internalized Sexism and White Superiority.”

While race is the main focus of the conference, this year’s gathering also features discussions and workshops on other pet causes of the Left, such as LGBT rights and “Islamophobia.”

“Conferences like this only further the far left’s vision of what ails our country: that some Americans are just born into privilege, while others – and these others are always the non-whites – are automatically at a disadvantage just because of their skin color,” Chumley said.

The leftist solution to this problem, according to Chumley, is bigger government – and that’s why she believes leftists want to advance the “white privilege” narrative.

“The solution, in their minds, is yet one more socialist principle – to take from one group, the privileged, and give to another, the underprivileged,” she explained. “In their minds, forced redistribution of money, resources and opportunities is social justice in action. In the minds of the sane, it’s socialism run amok. And conferences like this only continue the brainwashing that undercuts what makes our nation great in the first place: We’re all equal in God’s eyes, endowed by our Creator with the same unalienable rights to pursue life, liberty and happiness – without regard to skin color.”

Newman pointed out the only people who benefit from all the complaining about white privilege are race-mongers and those who wish to divide the American people.

“The establishment wants Americans hating each other and blaming each other for the problems in this country, rather than looking at the ‘man behind the curtain,’ so to speak,” he said. “That is why we see these ‘privilege’ extremists spreading more hatred and division than the KKK and the New Black Panthers combined, and doing a lot of it with taxpayer funding.”

He added: “It says a great deal that the massively unpopular political class in this country wants to spend limited taxpayer resources and even borrowed money fomenting this disgraceful hatred, extremism and division. People should ask themselves why. I think the answer is obvious.”

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