The Civil War movie “Union Bound” premiered Wednesday night at the Dunn Theater at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in Hollywood.

But it’s only the beginning, as “Union Bound” is set to debut in theaters all across the country Friday. A complete list of venues showing the movie can be found here.

“Union Bound” tells the true story of Sgt. Joseph Hoover, a Union soldier who witnessed many incredible moments amidst the terrible carnage of the Civil War.

Hoover was captured by Confederate forces during the Battle of the Wilderness and taken to the notorious Andersonville prison in Georgia, where he was held for four long months before being transferred to the Florence Stockade in South Carolina.

From there, together with a friend, he escaped, aided by by slaves who helped him traverse the Underground Railroad back to Union-held territory.

Hoover’s tale is confirmed because he left behind two diaries that survive to this day.

Having reached safety, Hoover rejoined his unit and continued fighting. After the war, he returned to his upstate New York farm and worked as a cabinetmaker. He lived to be 84 years old.

WND Books has published a companion book titled “Union Bound: He Went to War to Free the Slaves But Was Freed by Them.”

It will hit bookstores May 2 but is available for purchase online now.

The film stars Sean Stone as Hoover, Randy Wayne as Hoover’s companion Thomas J. Ryan, and Tank Jones as Jim Young, the slave who played the biggest role in helping Hoover and Ryan escape to freedom. It was directed by Harvey Lowry and produced by Uptone Pictures.

“Here’s a story of just a common man who went to war to, as he wrote in his diary, ‘free the slaves, but was freed by them.’ What makes the story of Joseph Hoover told in the movie so important to today’s audience is the values of honor, integrity, and following through with things that you’ve stated you will do,” said Michael Davis, CEO of Uptone Pictures and coauthor of the “Union Bound” book.

Davis added, “We can’t wait for the movie audiences across the country to have the opportunity to see our film.”

Tickets for the “Union Bound” movie are available at Fandango .com, where users can type in their zip code and purchase tickets in advance.

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