German Chancellor Angela Merkel

German Chancellor Angela Merkel

Protesters decrying the open borders embrace Chancellor Angela Merkel has extended to refugees from mostly Muslim nations in recent weeks just sent a strong message to the German leader expressing their concerns about the Islamization of their country in a form that couldn’t be ignored – by dumping a pig’s head outside her political offices.

Police who discovered the head near the entrance to Merkel’s headquarters in Stralsund said the head also included an “insulting” message to the chancellor, but they refused to divulge its contents, various media outlets reported.

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The incident is under investigation, United Press International reported.

Several other pigs’ heads and carcasses have been similarly dumped at choice spots around Germany in recent weeks, an apparent protest of the country’s welcoming of more than a million mostly Muslim refugees and migrants – whose religion prevents them from consuming pork – in the last year.

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As the Express reported, two pig heads were recently tossed into a cafe that’s a frequent hang-out for refugees, and several pig remains were just discovered outside a mosque in Gelsenkirchen.

Meanwhile, formal protests against Merkel and her press for open borders have grown more frequent in recent weeks.

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Two-thirds of Germans expressed desire to oust Merkel from office during 2017 elections, due in large part to her public support of the refugee movement, one recent poll indicated. And some in Merkel’s own Christian Democratic Union political party have voiced regret and dissension over her support for refugees, as well as those in her sister party, the Christian Social Union, the Guardian reported.

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