There are several issues this week that have really ticked me off, so I’m going to get them off my chest.

Say what you will about Donald Trump, but he’s outlasted, outwitted and outplayed all other GOP presidential candidates. And he’s just about wrapped up the delegate count to become the official GOP nominee.

So does being the presumptive Republican nominee deserve a tongue lashing from the present prime minister of England, America’s closest European ally?

Prime Minister David Cameron called Trump “divisive, stupid and wrong,” and then he doubled down on his comments.

Isn’t it ironic that Prime Minister Cameron of Great Britain can criticize Donald Trump, but we never heard a word from the PM when Obama sent the bust of Winston Churchill back to Great Britain that had been sitting in the Oval Office for many years? (I realize there’s a second Churchill bust in the White House that was given to President Johnson in 1965, but the Obama administration was “forced to admit that it did return a bust of Sir Winston Churchill to British diplomats [which was originally given to former President G.W. Bush] after describing such claims as ‘100 percent false,'” according to the U.K. Telegraph.)

Moreover, in April, when Obama visited England and threatened that Britain would go “to the back of the queue” and would not be able to strike a trade deal with America “any time soon” if it leaves the European Union, Prime Minister Cameron barely balked at the U.S. president’s words.

In addition, in March, when Obama criticized Prime Minister Cameron for being a “free rider” and “distracted by domestic priorities as Libya descended into a ‘mess,'” Cameron said nothing in defense or rebuttal to Obama.

But the prime minister is willing to call Trump “divisive, stupid and wrong” because he’s trying to protect America from jihadists?

Chuck Norris provides real solutions to our county’s problems and a way to reawaken the American dream in his best-seller, “Black Belt Patriotism.”

Speaking of divisive, stupid and wrong, here’s the second thing that ticked me off this past week: Obama’s speech at Rutgers University was about the lowest I’ve seen a president go.

I have to say his speech was about as immature as you can get. I know Obama is only in his early 50s, but is his speechwriter a teenager?

An exiting Democrat president may not like the field of opposing GOP candidates, but how tacky and inappropriate is it for him to sarcastically attack the presumptive GOP nominee in front of hundreds of students?

Obama slammed Trump at Rutgers University, calling him “anti-intellectual,” “ignorant” and an “isolationist.”

The president criticized Trump’s platform as “a betrayal of American ideas and who we are” and that the students should take his message “with a grain of salt.” He also said Trump’s ideas boil down to “stop trading with other countries” and “pull up the drawbridge and try to keep the world out.”

Obama repeatedly said that “building walls won’t change that … won’t stop that. … It won’t boost our economy, and it won’t enhance our security, either.”

He added that Trump’s ideas “would alienate the very communities at home and abroad who are our most important partners in the fight against violent extremism.”

The president concluded about Trump: “In politics and in life, ignorance is not a virtue. It’s not cool to not know what you’re talking about. That’s not keeping it real, or telling it like it is. That’s not challenging political correctness. That’s just not knowing what you’re talking about.”

So, who died and made Obama Einstein?

Opponents criticize Trump for not acting presidential enough, all the while Obama created and perpetuates the presidential code to demean, disdain and diminish others in light of esteeming himself. He has singlehandedly denigrated and devalued the highest office in the land. In fact, Obama was “very presidential” when he ran for office eight years ago. How has that turned out?

Another episode from the “Political Days of Our Lives” that just chapped my hide this week was when Hillary talked about appointing Bill to oversee the economic problems of the country.


During a speech in Kentucky last Sunday, Hillary called upon “my husband, whom I will put in charge of revitalizing the economy ’cause he knows what he’s doing.”

And what exactly will that leave Hillary doing if she is president? I wonder, does she play golf like Obama? We all know that is what he did most of his past eight years in office.

Even Obama top adviser David Axelrod posted on his Twitter that it was “ill advised” to make Bill economic “czar,” since voters expect the president to lead on critical issues like building up the economy.

Trump was right in rebutting Hillary by saying, “How can Crooked Hillary put her husband in charge of the economy when he was responsible for NAFTA, the worst economic deal in U.S. history?”

We all knew that Hillary would eventually pitch the two-for-one deal in her presidential sale, but so blatantly? Her inclusion of Bill seems as desperate as Ted Cruz calling Carly Fiorina as his vice president in the last breaths of his GOP presidential primary bid.

Finally, it is time for the Republican Party to get its act together and unify. GOP leaders need to let go of their ego factions and come together with one primary goal in mind: keeping “Billary” from getting back into the Oval Office.

President Abraham Lincoln – citing Jesus – spoke this truth about our pre-Civil War fractured nation: “A housed divided against itself cannot stand.”

Let me conclude giving you the greater context of that quote in Lincoln’s speech. It should be read again and again, and then used for a challenge during the National Republican Convention this summer, because it’s as true for this pre-election moment as it was right before the Civil War:  “I expressed this belief a year ago; and subsequent developments have but confirmed me.  I do not expect the Union to be dissolved. I do not expect the house to fall; but I do expect it will cease to be divided. It will become all one thing, or all the other.”

Chuck Norris provides real solutions to our county’s problems and a way to reawaken the American dream in his best-seller, “Black Belt Patriotism.”

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