Mark Levin

Mark Levin

Mark Levin, one of the conservative camp’s most popular talk-radio hosts – and a backer of Sen. Ted Cruz for president – came out swinging against Fox News over its recent coverage of the GOP presidential primary, saying the cable outlet was “not a news channel” but rather a mouthpiece for Donald Trump.

“You’re not a news channel anymore. You’re the Fox Channel,” he said, during his recent radio show.

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He then described Fox as a “Donald Trump super PAC” and predicted cable executives would be “rubbing their own faces in their own feces” come the upcoming face-off with likely Democratic Party nominee Hillary Clinton, specifically saying the Republican Party would get “our a–es kicked in the general election,” Breitbart reported.

Levin spoke of the public spat between Trump and Cruz, most recently of which centered on the National Enquirer-generated allegations that Rafael Cruz was seen in the lead-up to the John F. Kennedy assassination distributing pro-Fidel Castro documents with Lee Harvey Oswald. Trump furthered that mantra during a telephone conversation this week on Fox News.

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Levin saw Fox’s coverage of that issue as biased.

“Donald Trump is bringing up a National Enquirer story that accuses Ted Cruz’s father, Rafael Cruz, of being in cahoots, in one way or another, with Lee Harvey Oswald,” Levin said. “Several of the people on ‘The Five’ thought this was hilarious. As a matter of fact, they were defending the National Enquirer … That’s why it’s not the Fox News Channel, it’s the Fox Channel and the Donald Trump super PAC.”

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Levin said Fox anchors and pundits should have challenged the story, not laughed at it.

“We’re going to get our a–es kicked in the general election, ladies and gentlemen. That’s the trajectory,” he said. “Maybe it’ll change, but likely, it will not.”

Levin also suggested “Fox & Friends” ought to be pitched a story that alleged one of Trump’s relatives had been seen in the lead-up to Abraham Lincoln’s assassination with John Wilkes Booth.

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