Barack Obama’s Mother’s Day message epitomized the absolute moral and intellectual bankruptcy of the party he leads and ideology to which he subscribes.

Watch the patronizing, politically loaded speech for yourself.

Basically, here’s what he said: If we really value mothers, taxpayers should give them the following:

  • Paid maternity leave – and, not to be sexist, paid paternity leave, too;
  • Sick leave;
  • Accommodations for workers who are pregnant (unspecified);
  • Good health care (presumably like Obamacare, with fewer choices and higher premiums);
  • Affordable child care;
  • Flexibility at work;
  • Equal pay;
  • And a decent minimum wage.

He blamed Congress for not “giving” all this stuff to every employee in the country.

Here’s the obvious problem, but not obvious enough to the gimme culture Obama preys on and fosters every time he opens his mouth.

Who is going to pay for this stuff?

You. It’s not enough that you already pay for yourself and your family. It’s not enough, if you are an employer providing jobs to people they are happy to take. There’s never enough you can do. The government doesn’t do anything – except take your money and redistribute to get more dead-beat, know-nothing voters to reward them.

But Obama gives speeches. He kills the job market with his tired, stupid, pandering rhetoric and his self-serving policies.

And more than half the country goes for it.

What country is this?

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Is this the land of the free and the home of the brave? Or is this Greece? Is this Europe? Is this now a country happy, willing and able to repeat the mistakes of the past?

I can only think of one thing that was missing from Obama’s Mother’s Day message – a bow to the LGBT “community,” the new power bloc of the Democratic Party. He didn’t even mention same-sex bathrooms or same-sex wedding cakes or the need to force people to act contrary to their own instincts, common sense and the safety precautions of their children.

Who in their right mind is going to start a new business in America with the rules and regulations the Democratic Party intends to foist on entrepreneurs? They not only want every employee to become a serf – dependent on government and their employer for every need – but they are demanding that business people become indentured servants to a corrupt, tyrannical government.

Let’s get this straight: There’s nothing compassionate about whining for more benefits someone else has to pay. Furthermore, every time a business is mandated to pay extra for new services to its employees, it hires fewer people.

I will also say there is nothing compassionate about raising the minimum wage. It’s a job killer – and America needs jobs with nearly 100 million people not working.

Obama is a user, a leech, a demagogue, a phony who never lifted a finger even to assist his own impoverished relatives in Kenya. He did, however, see to it that you increased foreign aid to that country so Americans would live more like Kenyans in the future.

Obama, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are all cut from the same cloth. It’s just astonishing to me that so many Americans think their neo-Leninist ideas still have merit despite the utter and total failure of socialism of any kind across the planet.

Here’s what it comes down to: Do you value liberty? Do you like freedom? Or would you prefer to live in a country where the government tells you what to do and what you can’t do? Would you prefer to live in a country where the people serve the government? Would you prefer to live in a country where the government decides how much of your money you can keep and how you should spend whatever it allows you to have?

This is where we are in America. This is where we are headed. We are about to go down a road from which there is no return.

And that’s why you should have nothing to do with Obama, Hillary, Sanders or anyone corrupt enough or stupid enough to run for political office as a Democrat.

Do I make myself clear?

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