We all watched the reality TV show “The Apprentice,” hosted by the real estate magnate and chairman of the board, now Republican presidential nominee, and the one and only, Donald J. Trump.

The show was a smash hit and ran for 14 seasons on NBC to a HUGE (did I mention, it was HUGE?) audience.

It was billed as “the ultimate job interview.” By process of elimination, one contestant was eliminated per episode – ending with Trump uttering the now-famous and memorable words: “You’re fired!”

Suppose Trump decided to use this very same format, with the good Dr. Ben Carson as moderator, to interview and then select his vice presidential running mate, to join him on the Republican ticket this fall?

Now, we know the VP slot is not “worth a bucket of spit,” as John Adams, first vice president of these United States, once stated. But someone has to attend all those funerals, cut the ribbons, and fly off to Des Moines when some tragedy strikes. Occasionally, the No. 2 even becomes No. 1, in the case of death. And a good choice can garner votes or balance a ticket.

Filmed live at Trump Tower in New York City, watch the vice presidential “Apprentice” show that will interview these 10 finalists for the chance of a lifetime – to be literally “a heartbeat away” from the presidency.

And the contestants are:

JOHN KASICH, Republican governor of Ohio, age 63, experience both as a state-level executive and in the House of Representatives, well-liked, clean hands, helped Trump win by staying in the race even though he did a deal with “Lucifer,” Ted Cruz. He was rarely insulted by Trump, which is quite an accomplishment. He can deliver working-class and independent votes – and most important the critical battleground state of Ohio.
Odds: good

MARCO RUBIO, Republican senator from Florida, age 44, Cuban, “Little Marco,” was drubbed by Trump in the primaries and ridiculed, but he is not running for the Senate again. He has supposedly kissed and made up with Trump, but he did insult the size of his manhood, probably an unforgivable sin.
Odds: fair at best

NEWT GINGRICH, former Republican speaker of the House of Representatives, age 72, author of the winning “Contract with America,” is an inside-outsider. An early Trump booster and adviser, but the chances have been called a “moon shot.” Such a self-promoter would possibly edge out The Donald himself. So while he is on a short list, his chances are slim to none.
Odds: long

SUSANA MARTINEZ, Republican governor of New Mexico, age 56, she endorsed Rubio, a no-no, but is chairwoman of the all-powerful Republican Governors Association. She has also criticized Trump on Mexican immigrants but is two very valuable things: Hispanic! And a woman!
Odds: fair

CHRIS CHRISTIE, Republican governor of New Jersey, age 53. The rough and tumble Newark native, is a bully and a street fighter. As a Bruce Springsteen fan and the first rival to support Donald Trump, he has become a very loyal follower and is a surrogate speaker for Trump already. He appears most willing – perhaps too eager?
Odds: fair

CONDOLEEZA RICE, former Bush secretary of state and national security expert, now provost at Stanford University, age 61. African-American woman with a doctorate in Kremlinology, talented beyond compare, certainly a good counterweight to Hillary but evidences no interest in electoral politics. Would be a good “secretary of offense,” if Trump were to initiate such a role.
Odds: long

ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER, former Republican governor of California, age 68. A reality TV type and muscle man himself, Donald picked him to replace his character on “The Apprentice” this season. But there is so much baggage in his closet, and he is not a real conservative. His WWF fans would like, it but after the sordid affair with his maid he would not play very well for the woman vote. And Trump already has the biker vote wrapped up.
Odds: very long

DICK CHENEY, former Bush ’43 VP, neo-conservative, age 75, very bad heart and bad shot, knows the ropes very well and was in effect COO, running the whole show for Bush the Younger. He announced his support for Trump last week, one of the only party elders to do so. Trump was likely wise not to put him in charge of the selection process this time around or he would choose himself.
Odds: very long

SARAH PALIN, former Republican governor of Alaska and huge tea party supporter, had her own reality TV show, aged 52. Came out early swinging for Trump when he needed it most. As the VP choice of John McCain’s losing effort to Obama, she has been there and took the heat. It would be hard to put lipstick on her, though.
Odds: moderate

THEODORE ROOSEVELT MALLOCH, Republican extraordinaire, Oxford professor, Ph.D., best-selling author, earliest Trump supporter (see: WND archive), international political economist of some renown, accomplished corporate strategist, served on dozens of boards, held ambassadorial position for President Reagan in the U.N., worked in the State Department and in the U.S. Senate. No skeletons, great namesake and very good-looking.
Odds: out of the park


You guessed it …

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