Jeb Bush

Jeb Bush

Hacked internal documents indicate Hillary Clinton’s campaign team expected to be focusing on Jeb Bush right about now, not still fighting off attacks from socialist Bernie Sanders and preparing for the unconventional New York billionaire Donald Trump.

The document dump of hacked information was posted Tuesday.

The source of the information, titled “Dossier on Hillary Clinton from DNC,” is identified as Guccifer 2.0.

“This’s time to keep my word and here’re the docs I promised you,” said a message accompanying the information. “It’s not a report in one file, it’s a big folder of docs devoted to Hillary Clinton that I found on the DNC server.

“The DNC collected all info about the attacks on Hillary Clinton and prepared the ways of her defense, memos, etc., including the most sensitive issues like email hacks.”

The Smoking Gun blog explained the party research included information about Hillary Clinton’s travel in private jets, the Clinton Foundation and her lucrative speech contracts, in which the minimum fee was $225,000.

Hillary for prosecution, not president! Join the sizzling campaign to put Mrs. Clinton where she really belongs

The blog said the files, totaling thousands of pages of records, appear to have been prepared by DNC research staff.

The Smoking Gun reported: “In emails to TSG, ‘Guccifer 2.0’ claimed to be from Romania (like ‘Guccifer’) and portrayed himself as a ‘hacktivist’ with ‘a lot of fans’ and an ‘unknown hacker with a laptop.’ He also chafed at TSG’s prior description of him as a felon. ‘Ok, but stop calling me the vandal. I’m not a criminal I’m a freedom fighter,’ the hacker wrote.”

The report said other records “indicate that the party did not believe that Clinton would face any significant challenge on her way to the Democratic presidential nomination.”

“Two months before Clinton formally announced she was running, a DNC researcher was already examining ‘Clinton foundation investments’ and ‘Clinton foundation transparency and timelines.'”

One document was titled “Bush 41 and 43 economic legacy” and referenced “Jeb foreign policy.”

“I can put together some bullets on Bush 41 and 43 non-Iraq foreign policy legacies and where they might overlap with Jeb’s ideas by COB Thursday, Feb. 26. It would definitely help to get feedback at that point and see where best to go from there,” the document said.

Bush dropped out of the GOP primary after failing to gain traction despite millions in ads.

The dossier includes documents called “HRC Defense Master Doc,” in which nearly 60 pages list topics ranging from Libya and Benghazi to Clinton Foundation and Private Emails.

Under each is a description of how Clinton might be vulnerable on those issues and a suggested line of defense.

For example, under the foundation heading was the suggestion, “Clinton Foundation announced that should Hillary Clinton decide to run for president, the foundation would follow appropriate procedures for accepting donations from foreign donations, just like it had had (sic) under secretary Clinton.”

A section about emails had numerous references to Clinton’s statements about how many emails had been printed and delivered to the government from her time as secretary of state. However, left unaddressed was a series of depositions going on now with her aides inquiring into their knowledge of her private email system.

The Department of Justice also is reviewing the issue.

Under the topic of “LGBT” was criticism that Clinton was guilty of hypocrisy for opposing “gay marriage” until recently.

The defense was that she had “won the support of major LGBT advocacy groups.”

Other documents addressed the bestselling book about the Clinton Foundation “Clinton Cash,” a “cheat sheet” for Democratic positions, issues regarding “Clinton family members” as well as “foundation donors and “foundation vulnerabilities.”

Smoking Gun noted, “One of the DNC researcher’s projects was ‘Countering Republican attacks on Clinton’s record’ and ‘determining the best pushback.'”

Hillary for prosecution, not president! Join the sizzling campaign to put Mrs. Clinton where she really belongs


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