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I am the 1st official genderless person in U.S.

(London Guardian) — As a transgender person with male biology and distinctly feminine traits, I believe myself to be a unique variation of nature. I am not ashamed of who I am. I was not born into the wrong body. My genitals are not a birth defect. And I am not to be sterilized by psychiatry and a medical establishment that has run amok.

After a historic court ruling, I am free. I am the first non-binary person in the United States to be officially recognized. I refused to be classified. And now, I’ve been vindicated.

Transgender people such as myself were once a celebrated part of ancient civilizations. The downfall for transgender people began when societies and countries such as the US decided that I had to be made into the equivalent of a cisgender female. That was the only way to make my existence palatable for the sake of religious extremists, which insist that their gods have declared that males and female exist without variance or alternatives.