Many Americans are stunned by the dizzying speed with which Barack Obama’s promised transformation of our nation’s culture has taken place. The changes go deeper than most of us realize, though. The foundational institutions of our country had been corrupted little by little for decades. What appears to be a sudden coup on the part of cultural Marxists is just the natural end state of the slow transformation that has been building for more than a generation.

America’s college campuses were the initial breeding grounds. But the contamination has spread through other institutions such as public education, business, government, finance and media so thoroughly that the last remaining holdouts – the church and the military – have been the focus of nonstop attacks from leftist critics.

A recent cascade of news items about the military indicates that its transformation may soon be complete.

Most know that the U.S. military has been dramatically downsized during the Obama administration. The U.S. Army, in particular, is being slashed to troop levels not seen in most of our lifetimes. It is frequently reported that the Army is being shrunk to pre-World War II levels. But America had a much smaller population in the 1930s. As a percentage of the population, the U.S. Army will be smaller than at any time since before the Civil War.

It is more dramatic than that, though.

Since 2013 tens of thousands of combat-tested troops have been cut, including thousands of captains and majors who received their pink slips while leading troops in Afghanistan. The Obama administration is also pushing ahead with plans to expand recruiting efforts of illegal aliens. Instead of doing anything to stop it, Republican leadership in Congress is specifically funding the program. Finally, there is a proposal to bring in civilians, give them uniforms and make them senior military officers.

Shrinking the force to an unrecognizable size, dismissing experienced mid-level officers, filling the ranks with illegal aliens and inserting people off the street into senior leadership positions.

Does anyone else have a bad feeling about this?

But it is even more dramatic yet. There has been a change in culture that goes beyond administrative tinkering. Political correctness has taken root in the U.S. military, and its tentacles are just as suffocating as in every other foundational institution in America.

Even the most optimistic among us could be forgiven for wondering how a nation could ever come back from our current level of decay? America and its foundations are so infested with leftists and atheists that one wonders if it is even possible be to recover without a profound reset of some sort. Could that be the long-term plan by those in the highest positions of political leadership?

Our government, our education system, major media, American business, the financial sector and our military are all rotted to their cores with the decay of political correctness, or more correctly: cultural Marxism. The very foundations of Western civilization are in a complete hammerlock by people with an ideology that is committed to the destruction of everything that made the United States of America the greatest nation on Earth.

This is not a development that occurred overnight. Or even in the past eight years. Leftists have been working their way up through the ranks of America’s institutions since the counter-culture days on campuses in the 1960s. Now Marxist baby boomers have reached the top of every institution and are ransacking their individual corners of American culture. But, most destructive of all, they have been merciless regarding dissent in their organizations and fields and shamelessly promoted only those adhering to leftist ideology. So when they finally leave, they will be replaced by younger versions of themselves, and another wave after that.

Ironically, their children – Generation X – is largely shut out of the transition. Because baby boomers are hanging onto power everywhere far past the time previous generations retired, those baby boomers will hand off power to the millennial generation. This has been reflected in some of the power struggles we have seen recently in the Democratic Party. Baby boomers are largely onboard with Hillary Clinton, while millennials mostly want a more openly Marxist Bernie Sanders to just give them “free” things without having to go through the charade of being honest or the whole cronyism bit the Clintons play.

There may be a pause in the relentless march toward cultural Marxism and moral relativism if Generation X (who grew up under Reagan) manages to get Donald Trump elected president, but even that would be a Band-Aid on a gaping chest wound. America may be mortally wounded morally and culturally. An honest, but admittedly difficult, assessment is that there is no obvious way of saving it in its current arrangement. The best we can hope for may be a peaceful Balkanization.

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