NEW YORK – Following up on his speech Wednesday attacking Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump has launched a new website,, designed to encourage campaign donations while providing subscribers with emails listing “Crooked Hillary’s 10 Legendary Lies.”

The website prominently features sign-up boxes to subscribe to the Donald J. Trump for President email list, with subscribers led to a screen inviting campaign contributions beginning as low as $10 for a one-time or monthly donation.

Hillary for prosecution, not president! Join the sizzling campaign to put Mrs. Clinton where she really belongs

The new website debuts with a focus on “Hillary Lies to Benghazi Families.”

‘We can’t let this liar back into the White House’

The website leads off with a short video that begins with Hillary attributing the Benghazi attack to an Internet video. It features a clip of Patricia Smith, the mother of Benghazi victim Sean Smith, declaring in a television interview that “Hillary lied to me.”

“Hillary has no shame!” the copy on the website says. “The Benghazi attacks were a preventable tragedy disgraced further by Hillary’s web of lies.”

The video points out that Clinton knew within hours that the attacks in Benghazi were a terrorist attack and not a spontaneous protest due to a YouTube video.

“But she lied anyways,” the copy continues. “She stood in front of the flag-draped coffins of four Americans that died serving their country and peddled the lie that the video was to blame both to the victims’ families and the American public.”

The copy echoes Trump’s attack in his New York speech earlier this week when he accused Clinton of “sleeping soundly in her bed – that’s right, when the phone rang at 3 o’clock in the morning, she was sleeping,” as Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans were killed in the Benghazi attack.

“The truth is that massive security failures at the highest levels of the Obama administration and Clinton’s State Department put the Benghazi mission at grave risk as terrorist threats grew daily,” the new Trump website continues. “Her incompetence cost lives and her attempt to cover up the truth is an indignity on the memory of the fallen heroes in Benghazi.”

Trump noted in his New York speech that Stevens and his staff in Libya “made hundreds of request for security,” but “Hillary Clinton’s State Department refused them all.”

In his New York speech, Trump charged that Clinton “started the war” that put Stevens in Libya, only to find that Clinton “denied him the security he asked for, and then left him there to die.”

Trump said that “to cover her tracks,” Clinton “lied about being the cause” of Stevens and the other three Americans dying at Benghazi.

Trump forgives $50 million in campaign loans

As the Trump campaign ramped up efforts this week to begin raising campaign donations, Trump announced on Thursday that he has decided to forgive approximately $50 million he has made in loans to his presidential campaign. He has vowed to refuse using campaign contributions to repay himself.

“I have absolutely no intention of paying myself back for the nearly $50 million dollars I have loaned to the campaign,” Trump said, as reported Thursday by Politico. “This money is a contribution made in order to ‘make America great again.”

The Trump campaign this week reacted to reports in the mainstream media that reports filed with the Federal Election Committee showed the Trump campaign had only $1.3 million on hand at the start of June, compared to the $42.5 million then in the coffers of the Clinton campaign.

On Wednesday, in an attempt to dispel concerns that Trump’s prior promises to finance his campaign would interfere with fundraising efforts now underway, Donald Trump Jr., Trump’s oldest son, announced the campaign had raised $2 million in 12 hours as a result of the campaign sending out its first email fundraising appeal, Politico reported.

“We all know what a disaster Crooked Hillary would be for this country if she were elected,” he wrote in the email. “And the only way to stop her is to stand together and fight against her fraud and lies.”

Trump’s first email fundraising appeal sent out Tuesday and the launch of the new website attest to Trump’s determination to attack Clinton as a “world-class liar.” The theme appears designed to tie together Trump’s planned attacks on issues ranging from Benghazi to Clinton’s private email server to the alleged financial scandals plaguing the Clinton Foundation.

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