Donald Trump (Photo: Twitter)

Donald Trump (Photo: Twitter)

With self-described socialist Bernie Sanders still challenging Hillary Clinton’s “inevitable” nomination as the Democratic Party’s candidate for president, talk-radio host Michael Savage asked Trump which one he would rather face in the general election.

“I think once you expose [Sanders] for what he is, it wouldn’t be hard beating him. But I think that I would probably prefer running against Hillary, because I would love to beat her,” Trump told “The Savage Nation” audience Wednesday afternoon as he prepared for a rally in Sacramento.

“She’s made so many mistakes. Her judgment is so bad,” Trump explained. “You know, you look at what Bernie has said about her. Bernie Sanders said she’s got bad judgment. He actually said she’s not qualified to run, because her judgment is so bad.”

Michael Savage

Michael Savage

Savage pointed to Clinton’s record as secretary of state, saying she “owns” the so-called Arab Spring that led to the rise of ISIS in Iraq, Syria and Libya.

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Trump affirmed: “You look at what’s happened in Libya, you look at what’s happened in so many places.”

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He turned to the FBI investigation of Clinton’s handling of classified information through an unsecured, private email system.

“Look at her emails. Talk about judgment,” Trump said. “Look at the email situation. What a disaster that is. And anybody else would have been in jail by now.”

Savage asked Trump if he had any insight, as an insider, as to whether Hillary will survive the investigation or be replaced as nominee by someone like Vice President Joe Biden.

“I think it would be tough putting Biden in – and I wouldn’t mind running against him, either – but … she seems to be protected by the Democrats,” Trump said.

“You know, if you look at General Petraeus and these others; they went through hell, they destroyed their lives over much less than what she’s done,” he continued.

Trump said Clinton’s protection by the Democrats will be a “big, big topic of conversation.”

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Border agents: ‘We need the wall, Mr. Trump’

Asked if he would back off on his vow to build a border wall, Trump said he hasn’t changed his mind, noting he was recently endorsed by the National Border Patrol Council, the first-ever endorsement in a presidential primary by the union, which represents more than 16,500 officers.

“I said, ‘Let me ask you folks.’ And these are the people that really know better than anybody. ‘How important is the wall?

“They said, “‘Very important, Mr. Trump.'”

Trump said the wall is among the “tools” to secure the border, “but it maybe is the most important tool.”

“It’s very, very important, especially in terms of drug traffic,” he said.

The agents, he reiterated, told him: “We need the wall, Mr. Trump, 100 percent.”

What would be his priorities on his first day in office?

“Number one would be knock out some of the executive orders from Obama, and especially the executive order about the border, which, as you know, is all tied up in litigation, where everybody can just come into the country like we don’t have a border,” Trump said.

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Economic development and jobs would be a priority, he said, and getting the Keystone Pipeline approved would be one of the most important moves toward that end.

“I want to start various other things right away. We need jobs,” he said.

Trump repeated his intention to have the countries the U.S. is protecting start “living up to their bargain” and compensate the U.S.

“You’re talking about billions and billions of dollars, Michael,” Trump said. “Numbers that you wouldn’t even believe. But they’re not living up to their bargain, and, you know, we cannot continue being the policemen for the world.

NATO countries also, he said, are “not paying what they’re supposed to be paying.”

“Are we supposed to get into World War III over a country that doesn’t respect us enough to even pay what they’re supposed to be paying?” he asked.

Trump also took aim at the media for its reporting of his donations to veterans organizations, which, he said, totaled $5.6 million.

NBC News, for example, reported 11 of the 27 charities said they were paid on or after May 24, when Trump was interviewed by the Washington Post, which for weeks had asked him to disclose who was benefiting.

“Instead of being, like, ‘Great job,’ the press, the publicity I was getting over that money, was incredible,’ he said. “I raised the money. I didn’t have to. I’m telling you, the bad publicity I’m getting on that. But the press is so dishonest, I can’t believe it.”

Michael Savage’s primer for the 2016 election, “Government Zero: No Borders, No Language, No Culture,” is available at the WND Superstore

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