UNITED NATIONS – You can expect Democrats to spend hours of time talking about the evils of income inequality at their convention next week.

By “income inequality” they mean the income gap between top earners and those working Americans we used to fondly refer to as the middle class.

They won’t say it, but the Democrats’ preferred solution is a $15 minimum wage job for everyone – everyone except the corporatist elite that funds politicians and “charities” like the Clinton Foundation.

The Democrats will also talk about the plight of the inner cities and the lack of opportunities for minorities.

They won’t say that Bill and Hillary Clinton are directly responsible for the problems they now decry.

Research by the chief economist for the International Infrastructure and Transport Group, Jan Berg-Andreassen, found that as manufacturing jobs disappeared in America, the income gap in this country widened. It now approaches levels seen in Third World countries. Outside the golden enclaves of Washington, New York and California, much of the U.S. looks like a Third World country.

And it was the Clintons who gave us NAFTA, the North American Free Trade Agreement, and expanded trade relations with China, disastrous policies pushed tens of thousands of American factories to Mexico and the Far East.

These factories provided better-paying jobs to African-Americans, whose ancestors left the cotton fields of the South to work in the smokestack industries of the North.

And these Americans were left without jobs or opportunities when American industry moved to Mexico and China thanks to the Clintons.

The impact of de-industrialization is felt throughout the economy.

Berg-Andreassen writes, “As the labor Intensive industries relocate to other countries, the opportunities and incomes for large swaths of the homeland population disappear and … the purchasing power of the remaining population will over time deteriorate.”

Even the cheap imported consumer goods touted by the outsourcing lobbies as a boon of so-called free trade” will be beyond reach.

Berg-Andreassen concludes that the continued outsourcing of industries will result in the U.S. having “such a deep chasm between the economic elites and the rest of us that it will not matter how cheap the imported goods are, as most of our population will not be able to afford the gadgets they put on their outlet shelves, be it at Wal-Mart, Target or Costco.”

But the continued outsourcing of industries is exactly what a Hillary Clinton presidency would bring.

Unlike Donald Trump, Hillary refuses to categorically reject the TransPacific Partnership, TPP, the greatest outsourcing agreement of them all.

Even as Hillary tries to distance herself from the deal she called the “gold standard,” her advisers are reassuring officials on the other side of the globe it will be approved by Congress later in the year.

Sen. Tim Kaine, Hillary’s choice for VP, defends fast tracking TPP and has said he would vote for it in a lame duck.

The Democrats can talk all they want in Philadelphia about income inequality and African-American unemployment.

Donald Trump will do something to solve it by scrapping the Clinton trade agreements that shipped our jobs overseas and threw working Americans overboard.

By making manufacturing great again, we will Make America Great Again.

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