Trump pinata

WASHINGTON – The Kennedy clan has found a new way to bash Donald Trump, turning his likeness into a pinata.

But then the Kennedy who made the display public apparently had second thoughts.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s daughter, Kathleen, who goes by Kick, posted a photo of the pinata on Instagram at 7 p.m. on Saturday, during the family’s annual Fourth of July party at their Hyannis Port compound on Cape Cod.

In the caption, Kennedy wrote, “It’s yuge party!”

She deleted the Instagram post on Monday morning, but not before the British paper the Daily Mail copied the image.

By then, 230 people had liked the photo, including actress Glenn Close; the son of MSNBC “Hardball” anchor Chris Matthews, Thomas; and former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s daughter, Georgina.

Kennedy is an actress who has appeared in television shows including “Gossip Girl,” “Newsroom” and “Curb Your Enthusiasm.”

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Kathleen "Kick" Kennedy

Kathleen “Kick” Kennedy

The Mail reports most of the politically involved Kennedys have publicly endorsed Hillary Clinton for president, with the notable exception of Caroline, the daughter of former President John F. Kennedy.

She and her uncle, the late Sen. Ted Kennedy, D-Mass., along with Ethel Kennedy, the wife of the late Sen. Robert Kennedy, D-N.Y., backed future President Obama over Clinton.

However, no Kennedys are expected to back Trump.

The GOP presidential candidate has not commented publicly on what he might of thought of the Kennedys using his face on a pinata.

Trump pinatas reportedly have become popular in Mexico as a way of protesting the candidate’s opposition to illegal immigration.

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