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Longtime pal: Bill Clinton not sure he wants Hillary as prez

Hillary and Bill Clinton

Dolly Kyle knows Bill Clinton almost better than anyone. She was his childhood friend and eventually his romantic partner. She was there before Hillary Rodham became part of Bill Clinton’s life and carried on an affair with the future president even after his marriage.

So when Bill Clinton spoke at the Democratic National Convention this week, she knew what he would say.

She also suggested what he said in support of Hillary Clinton may not be what he actually feels or thinks.

In fact, they may not even like each other, she said.

“I think they hate each other at this point,” she said. “And I think the story should have begun with the words ‘once upon a time.’ Because that is all this is – a fairy tale. He has not lived with her. He has not been faithful to her. He has not told the truth to her.

“And frankly I think he’s conflicted about whether he really wants her to be in office or not. I don’t think he wants to make the personal sacrifices that would entail. He’s not entirely sure he wants her to be president,” she said.

Kyle has chronicled her relationship with the Clintons in “Hillary: The Other Woman.”

She told WND after Bill Clinton’s speech Tuesday night, “I did not listen because I already knew what Billy would say. I know him so well and I know what he would omit. There is nothing new with these lying-dog criminals.”

She predicted “Billy” would tell a story of meeting Hillary Clinton in the library at Yale and tell a story about having to propose to her several times. That’s precisely what Clinton did. However, as other media outlets have reported, Bill Clinton’s touching story about having to propose to Hillary Clinton several times isn’t actually true.

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Kyle said such deception is just part of the course. In fact, she argues Bill Clinton may have lied so much he doesn’t know what’s true or false anymore, even when it comes to his own past.

“For the Clintons, the ends justify the means,” said Kyle. “Lies are fine as long as it keeps them or gets them in power. Of course, they’ve been pathologically lying for such a long time they don’t even recognize their lies as lies anymore because it is the truth to them. That’s the really sick part.”

Kyle scoffed when she was told “Billy” Clinton was trying to humanize Hillary with his speech.

As she was sexually involved with Bill Clinton both before and after his relationship began with Hillary Rodham, Kyle called “Billy” Clinton’s tale of falling in love “absurd on its face.” Instead, she suggested the Clintons’ marriage is characterized by ambition.

“I knew in high school that ‘Billy’ was going to be president of the United States as did a lot of other people who wrote things in his yearbook like ‘see you in the White House,'” Kyle recalled. “When Hillary saw him, she must have picked up on the same thing and thought here was her opportunity, the coattails she could ride to the White House. And that’s the relationship. He was going to let her ride his coattails and she was going to financially support him. This is all part of ‘Billy’s’ psychological makeup.”

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Kyle also dismissed Bill Clinton’s claim Hillary Clinton is a friend to the disadvantaged, especially the disabled. She recalled how then-first lady of Arkansas Hillary Clinton screamed at state troopers about mentally and physically disadvantaged children having an Easter Egg hunt on the lawn of the governor’s mansion.

According to several witnesses, Hillary screamed, “When are they going to get those f-ing retards out of here?!”

“She wasn’t making fun of them, she was just revealing what she really felt about them,” commented Kyle.

Kyle also pointed out how Hillary defended Thomas Alfred Taylor, a 41-year-old accused of raping a 12-year-old girl. While Kyle conceded every American is entitled to a defense by a lawyer, she alleged Hillary Clinton went beyond.

“Hillary made up stuff about this girl, saying she basically was looking for attention from older men,” said Kyle. “That girl has been quoted recently about the damage that was done to her by Hillary Rodham Clinton.”

According to a recent interview in the Daily Beast, the unnamed victim says Hillary Clinton “put her through hell.”

Tapes released by the Washington Free Beacon show Hillary Clinton laughing about the case years later.

Kyle said what strikes her most about the Clintons’ relationship is how lightly “Billy” Clinton has always treated it.

“When he told me about Hillary in 1972, he told me he was moving in with this law student named Hillary and she had a place to live. He made it sound like it was no big deal and I always believed it was no big deal. And in fact, it was no big deal to him. Which is why she is, as I titled the book, ‘Hillary the other woman.’ That’s the way he always viewed her, he always has, he always did and he still does. They haven’t lived together since they escaped from the White House with all the furniture and silverware they took with them that supposedly belonged to we the people.

“I’m sure he left out anything unpleasant in his speech about what he did. I’m sure he didn’t mention Monica Lewinsky. And certainly, at a convention where there are feminists, supposedly including Hillary, who say women who have been raped should be ‘listened to and believed,’ there was no mention of Juanita Broaddrick. There was no mention of Hillary’s accessory after the fact criminal activity of threatening women.”

Kyle also laughed when she was told of Bill Clinton calling Hillary “the best darn change maker I’ve ever met.”

“The Clintons aren’t change makers – they get big donations through the Clinton Foundation and they don’t make change,” she quipped. “Ask the Haitians after millions of dollars in donations were made to rebuild the country and nothing was done for the people. There’s no change. It’s just more and more of the Obama policies. I’m sure she has promised Bernie Sanders concessions but she’s going to flip flop on that. I don’t think she believes anything except that she should be in power.”

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