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He exposed John Kerry as “Unfit for Command,” warned us about an “Atomic Iran,” exposed the “Black Gold Stranglehold” gripping Americans.

He chronicled the efforts of the “Minutemen” to secure America’s borders, and more.

However, New York Times bestselling author Jerome Corsi believes his newest effort may be his most significant one yet.

“I think ‘Partners in Crime’ is maybe my most important book of the many I’ve written,” Corsi declared in an interview with WND.

“Partners in Crime,” Corsi’s brand-new book, exposes the many schemes the Clintons have used to amass hundreds of millions of dollars in personal net worth, all while pretending their Clinton Foundation is a legitimate charity.

To hear Corsi tell it, Bill and Hillary Clinton have used various “accounting scams” to siphon money out of the Clinton Foundation and into the pockets of themselves and their friends.

For example, $17 million went missing from the balance sheet of the Clinton Health Access Initiative when it was reorganized at the end of 2009. Corsi documents the accounting irregularities in his book. He also discloses that Bill Clinton created a shell corporation, WJC, to keep payments to him for consulting and other purposes off the books of the Clinton Foundation.

Corsi writes that Hillary Clinton reached a ‘memorandum of understanding” (MOU) with the Obama transition team designed to minimize potential conflicts of interest should she be nominated as secretary of state. The concern was that foreign governments and entities might donate generously to the Clinton Foundation expecting a favorable policy decision from Hillary Clinton’s State Department in return.
Partners-In-CrimeThat’s exactly what happened, despite the MOU, according to Corsi.

Moreover, Hillary Clinton’s State Department maintained regular contact with the Clinton Foundation, too.

In his book Corsi cites numerous emails from Clinton State Department aides Huma Abedin and Cheryl Mills to officials of the Clinton Foundation and private companies, such as the consulting firm Teneo, run by Clinton cronies. Abedin and Mills copied Clinton Foundation and Teneo officials on emails that involved official State Department business and, in some cases, emails that contained classified information.

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Perhaps worse was the fact that the Clintons took advantage of disasters in Third World countries to enrich themselves.

“Take a look at the scams committed in Haiti… or in India, where people suffering from earthquakes were defrauded by the Clintons, who came in to gain control of the political apparatus of fundraising in the emergency, and diverted hundreds of millions of dollars into their own pockets,” Corsi said. “Well, the people of Haiti suffered, and the people in India suffered.”

AIDS patients in Africa suffered, too, despite the Clintons’ supposed efforts to fight HIV/AIDS.

First, the Clinton Foundation diverted more than $75 million in UNITAID donations from their intended purpose, which was to prevent, treat and diagnose HIV/AIDS. Then they sent defective drugs to Africa through the Clinton Health Access Initiative. The ineffective drugs were manufactured by an Indian company called Ranbaxy, whose leaders later pled guilty to knowingly selling substandard and otherwise defective HIV/AIDS drugs.

As Corsi relays in his book, one Ranbaxy executive, while on an internal conference call, dismissed concerns the company was producing defective medicine by saying, “Who cares? It’s just blacks dying.”

The point of all this, according to Corsi, is Bill and Hillary Clinton are partners in crime who need to be exposed and held to account for their wrongdoing – and the Clinton Foundation needs to be shut down.

“These are crimes that need to be exposed, not just minor accounting fallacies or problems,” Corsi insisted. “The Clintons have worked with some of the scum of the Earth in Third World countries, defrauding those countries, taking money on causes that break people’s hearts, like AIDS, like earthquakes, disasters. The Clintons have been merchants of disaster; they have preyed on these disasters to enrich themselves and it’s got to come to an end.”


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