Dallas police officers respond to snipers

Dallas police respond to sniper

WASHINGTON – One of the nation’s leading experts on law enforcement and race sees a cause and effect relationship between the president’s rhetoric and the murder of five police officers in Dallas.

“President Obama lied to the nation last night, and he embraced the Black Lives Matter myth that there is a racist war by white officers against black civilians in this country. And we see the results,” Heather McDonald told Rush Limbaugh on his radio program Friday.

“It is simply not the case that the police are disproportionately shooting black males when you take violent crime into account,” she asserted. “And for President Obama to give that movement any credibility when it is now threatening law and order itself, we are at risk of attacking the very foundation of civilization if this type of hatred continues.”

Obama welcomed leaders of Black Lives Matter to the White House in February. Limbaugh recalled how the president praised them and their efforts, saying they were “much better organizers than I was when I was their age.”

“And Black Lives Matter was exactly who they are then as who they are today,” Limbaugh observed. “They’re a terrorist group. They’re quickly becoming a terrorist group committing hate crimes. And the attorney general today is saying that she’s going to look into this, investigate this as a hate crime.”

He added, “It’s amazing they’re not trying to find out if this guy (the sniper) is a member of the tea party.”

heather mcdonald

Heather McDonald

McDonald’s new book, “The War on Cops: How the New Attack on Law and Order Makes Everyone Less Safe,” is suddenly more timely than ever, after a sniper in Dallas shot and killed at least five law enforcement officers in Dallas Thursday night.

Dallas Police Chief David Brown said before officers killed 25-year-old suspect Micah Xavier Johnson, he said he was upset about Black Lives Matter, and, “He stated he wanted to kill white people, especially white officers.”

Limbaugh opened his program Friday by lamenting, “The war on cops has now come to Dallas, Texas,” then interviewing the author.

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McDonald is a graduate of Yale and Harvard Law School, is currently at the Manhattan Institute, and has written numerous articles and books on the subject of police officers and race.

She returned time and again to the theme that Obama is, in part, responsible for the violence against police.

“President Obama last night only fanned these fires of hatred by putting out his usual lies that the criminal justice system is racist,” McDonald stated. “It is not. It responds to crime in order to try to protect lives, not to take them.”

“In fact,” she observed, “there’s no government agency more dedicated to the proposition that Black Lives Matter than the police. Proactive policing has saved tens of thousands of minority lives since the mid‑1990s.”

But, she said that is changing and putting minorities at risk as officers sense they have been put in danger, because, “Now police officers are backing off. They’ve been backing off before the Dallas assassinations under the assault of hatred that is being spewed at them on the streets.”

She blamed that on a relentless misinformation assault by “the mainstream media, by activists and by politicians from the White House on down. They’re backing off of proactive policing, and crime is going up astronomically, as much as 90 percent in cities with large black populations.”

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McDonald sees it getting worse.

“And now, after these Dallas shootings, officers are going to be even more reluctant to engage. And the result is going to be more carnage.”

She said what happened in Dallas is an extreme version of what officers are experiencing every day.

“It’s why we have seen a 17 percent increase in homicides last year in the 56 largest cities. An almost unprecedented one-year spike in homicides because officers are backing off of proactive policing.”

She remarked, as it happened, “I was contacted two weeks ago by several Dallas officers who were talking about their reluctance to engage in proactive policing, because when they get out of their cars now, and this is happening across the country, officers in inner-city areas find themselves surrounded by hostile jeering crowds, sticking cell phones right in the officer’s face. It’s not a question of standing on the curb, filming an incident. It’s a question of interfering with an arrest scene, going in and refusing to obey orders.”

Rush Limbaugh

Rush Limbaugh

McDonald said a Chicago policeman told her he’s never seen such hatred directed at officers in his 20 years in policing and this his job was almost impossible because of the intense crime spike. She noted Baltimore was now at its highest per capita homicide rate in its history, at the expense, overwhelmingly, of black lives.

“If this continues,” she observed, “we’re going to return to the situation of the 1960s and the 1970s, where people were fleeing cities because lawlessness was out of control.”

Limbaugh asserted the misinformation about race and police arose from such instances as Ferguson, where, “they created a totally false narrative. ‘Hands up, don’t shoot’ never happened. And yet how many people in this country, minorities, believe that it did, to this day?”

“My contention is that we have a political party that’s seeking to benefit from all of this,” he added. “A political party, the Democrats, are seeking to advance their agenda with every one of these unfortunate incidents. And if that is the case it isn’t going to stop.”

McDonald responded, “Well, it’s politics and it’s also ideology. There’s an ideology that’s taken hold of universities, that has taken hold of elite establishments, that is committed to the myth of endemic white racism.”

Compounding the myth of endemic racism among officers, she contended, was there have indeed been bad shootings by police.

“The Walter Scott shooting in North Charleston was very bad. The Laquan McDonald shooting in Chicago. These were appalling incidents of police negligence and likely criminality. But those are not representative of this nation’s police forces. They are more professional than ever before, and they are dedicated to saving black lives.”

She noted that a larger proportion of white and Hispanic homicide deaths are the results of police killings than black homicide deaths.

“Twelve percent of all whites and Hispanics who die of homicide are killed by police officers. Four percent of all blacks, homicide victims, are killed by police officers. So if we’re going to have an Anti‑Cop Lives Matter movement, it would make more sense to call it White and Hispanic Lives Matter.”

Black Lives Matter die-in protest against Saint Paul Police Department (Wikipedia Commons: Fibonacci Blue)

Black Lives Matter die-in protest against Saint Paul Police Department (Wikipedia Commons: Fibonacci Blue)

McDonald’s research showed more than 6,000 blacks die of homicide each year. And that was more than white and Hispanic homicide victims combined, even though blacks are 13 percent of the nation’s population.

She said the reason they are dying of homicide at a rate six times higher than whites and Hispanics combined is “because they commit homicide at eight times the rate higher than whites and Hispanics combined.”

“Given the disparities in crime rates the police cannot help but be in minority neighborhoods where they’re confronting violent and resisting suspects, and sometimes officers themselves will have to use force to protect themselves and protect innocent bystanders,” McDonald concluded.

Limbaugh asked her what she thought was the best way to return to law and order.

“I would try something absolutely unique in this area which is truth. I think that when the Black Lives Matter movement has been allowed to thrive by a deliberate ignorance – cultivated ignorance – about the problem of black crime, that you cannot understand police activity without understanding patterns of crime.”

Making matters worse, “the media has basically suppressed any knowledge about how bad things are in inner cities. So I would start by giving the data on black crime that explains why officers are in inner-city neighborhoods trying to save lives.”

McDonald also stressed giving voice “to the many people in inner-city communities that I have spoken to over the years that adore the cops. I would give voice to people like Mrs. Sweeper, a cancer amputee in the Mount Hope section of the Bronx.”

“The only time she felt safe to go into her building lobby and pick up her mail was when the police were there because the place was otherwise colonized by teens trespassing, smoking weed, and dealing drugs.”

The woman told McDonald, “Please, Jesus, send more police.”

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