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Roger Ailes' accuser seeking elected office?

(WASHINGTON TIMES) Many still ponder former Fox News Channel anchor Gretchen Carlson’s exit from the network, her much-publicized sexual harassment lawsuit against CEO Roger Ailes and his own sudden exit from that same news organization. Speculation has begun on the spinoff episode.

“The suit obviously took time to prepare. Perhaps it was prepared before she was let go. Perhaps the threat of the suit led to her dismissal. Knowing the odds, no thinking person would take on Ailes unless they were certain they had a case,” reasons Dean Pagani, a media analyst for The Laurel, a Connecticut-based insider publication focused on journalism.

“Now — in less than two weeks — Carlson, a resident of Greenwich, has emerged as the victor in the court of public opinion and positioned herself as a tough and principled leader, standing up for her rights and the rights of others when no one else would. The sort of leader who might appeal particularly to women voters,” Mr. Pagani continues, recalling that Ms. Carlson had appeared not so very long ago on a local public affairs program while promoting her memoir “Getting Real” and was asked if she herself had any political aspirations.