It is becoming pointless to name the places anymore, yet I must give place to Nice, France, as the latest Muslim atrocity directed against the West.

That recognition is surely important to those in Nice who have suffered this latest outrage – to their families, their friends and their neighbors and those who grieve with them.

Yet at the same time we in the West need a dawn of understanding that recognition and focus on the victims of terrorism serves primarily to hide from the world just who terrorism’s real sponsors are, and their true cause, which supersedes terrorism itself.

Although it was not expressly stated across the Channel, something within France’s British neighbors must have made itself known to the majority of them who voted to leave the European Union last month. Was there yet some glimmer deep within the British heart and soul that remembered what freedom was and why it was desirable – even in the face of hardship?

In France, as in other Western nations, America included, terrorism is only the vehicle, if you can excuse such an adept characterization. In France and elsewhere, the real jihad is against human freedom and the Creator God of humanity itself. Oftentimes Muslims, many of whom have a tremendous heart for God, are simply cannon fodder deployed by those intent on destroying the West, so that their own utopia may rise from the ashes.

The underlying war is being waged on behalf of forces the modern Western mind long ago pooh-poohed out of existence. But like so much of today’s “reality,” this was a fiction that existed only in their minds. Eric Hoffer, the longshoreman philosopher, referred to them as the True Believers.

Today’s crop of so-called leaders in the West are in fact weak-minded followers of the failed ideologies and their war against the human spirit and its Creator God. These ideologies can exist only in the minds of those who deny the Creator’s existence as a pre-condition of their vain, prideful efforts to replace Him with themselves.

Those people at the center of this deceit you will not see. The ones you do see are the sellouts: The Francois Hollandes, the David Camerons, Tony Blairs, Barack Obamas, Hillary Clintons, on and on until nausea overcomes.

What do such sellouts get for their selfless service to evil? Ultimately, a bullet in the brain and burial in a ditch at the side of the blood-stained, elitist road leading to utopia, as the communists have repeatedly demonstrated. That is how it has always happened in the past, and it will in the future. But those to whom having power over others, when all else fails power delivered with the barrel of a gun, those self-important fools never see that gun until it is pointed at their own head. Nor do they see the smile on the executioner’s face as he goes about his business.

France’s Prime Minister Manuel Valls told a grieving nation that the message was clear: “France would have to live with terrorism.” That is a codeword expression. It means that there will be no change in the immigration policies that made the slaughter possible – indeed, certain. No change in the welfare state wherein today’s citizens pay to raise up the next generation of terrorists within their own borders, who will in turn slaughter them. No safety. No security. Just random, unprovoked murder. No change in any of the policies being employed by the puppeteers to break the population. Everything is to remain the same until the goals of puppeteers have been realized and humanity displays a proper respect for its new masters.

You have seen just the beginning of the war for humanity’s soul.

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