As Donald Trump pointed out, Disney's "Frozen" used the six-pointed star as well. (Credit: Twitter)

As Donald Trump pointed out, Disney’s “Frozen” used the six-pointed star as well. (Credit: Twitter)

Donald Trump slammed the media in a campaign speech in Ohio, and on social media, saying those who’ve attacked him as anti-Semitic for a campaign tweet that used a six-pointed star are way off base, and then posting on Twitter a photograph of a Disney “Frozen” shot that included the same symbol and throwing out the blunt question: What about this?

Trump’s original tweet, the one that sparked the cries of anti-Semitism, was an image of Hillary Clinton with $100 bills alongside a six-pointed star that included the words, “Most corrupt candidate ever!”

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For that, many in the media slammed him for anti-Semitism. And Trump’s campaign shortly after took down the post.

But Trump decried its removal from his Twitter feed during a recent speech, and said, the Hill reported: “So one of my guys, who is married to a Jewish woman [social media director Dan Scavino], he put out a tweet talking about crooked Hillary Clinton and on the tweet was a star, a star, like a star. All of a sudden it turned out to be in the minds of the press … [the star of David, because] they said, ‘oh, it had money behind it.’ So that’s actually they’re racially profiling.”

Trump then said his campaign should have left the image up, rather than replacing it with a circle.

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Shortly after the speech, Trump then tweeted a picture of the book about Disney’s “Frozen” movie that contained the same star.

And his accompanying message?

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He wrote: “Where is the outrage for this Disney book? Is this the ‘Star of David’ also? Dishonest media!”

Trump, in his Ohio speech, also blasted the media for misinterpreting comments he made about Saddam Hussein in which he said the former dictator was a “bad guy,” but was intolerant of terrorists and killed them – and in so doing, kept at bay the growth of such groups as ISIS.

“I said, ‘bad guy, Saddam Hussein, bad guy.’ Then I said again, ‘Saddam Hussein is a bad guy, but he did one thing well, he killed terrorists.’ … [Then], I wake up,” he said, during the speech, the Hill reported, “I turn on the television … ‘Donald Trump loves Saddam Hussein. He loves Saddam Hussein.’ … I don’t love Saddam Hussein. I hate Saddam Hussein. But he was damn good at killing terrorists.”


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