At some point in your life, you will be a patient needing medical care. Your very life may depend on the kind of care you receive. You need timely, accessible, affordable, quality medical care without long delays to see specialists, and a variety of specialists without denials due to third-party insurance or government “gatekeepers.”

In this presidential election, you will be choosing between polar opposites on many issues – national security, border integrity, Supreme Court appointments, strength of our military, the economy, jobs, trade and your medical care.

There is no issue more personal for you – or more directly impacting your life – than the choice of your doctor, what specialists you can see, what hospitals you have available, what medications you are allowed, how much your insurance costs, and how quickly you are able to see the right doctor for urgent needs.

All of these choices for your medical care will be affected by your vote for president.

The choice is stark: Medical freedom or government control.

Donald Trump’s health-care reform plan is based on two key principles: 1) total repeal of the 2010 Affordable Care Act, commonly referred to as Obamacare, and its government control of all aspects of medical care, including our medical records and health insurance options, and 2) opening market-based competition for increased patient options, reduce onerous and costly government regulations, expanded patient-owned Health Savings Accounts (HSAs), price transparency for hospitals and health professionals, improved access to lower cost medications overseas, expanded networks of hospitals and specialists.

Hillary Clinton stands for still more expansion of government control than has already been implemented under Obamacare. Clinton’s goal of a “public option” means a locked-down, government-run, single-payer socialized medicine plan that would close off your medical freedom and end private practice of medicine for the foreseeable future.

“Public option” is politically correct speak meaning socialized medicine or Medicaid for all, for those of you unfamiliar with “health-care” jargon designed to hide the ugly truth of totalitarian control of every aspect of your medical care.

Hillary Clinton began her push for total government-run medical care when then President Clinton appointed her to head the 1993 task force secret meetings for “health-care reform.” Lost in the cobwebs of time since 1993 is the truly draconian take-over of American medicine that Hillary and her secret group of advisers proposed. At that time, the big insurance companies prevented her take-over agenda with clever ads that helped the public see the dangers of “Hillarycare” plans. Hillarycare Task Force taught Democrats an important lesson. In 2009, they offered financial incentives as “carrots” to get these same insurance companies on board to support Obamacare.

Hillary Clinton was an unelected, unappointed private citizen, whose only “credential” for heading this secret medical care reform task force was being married to, and a political ally of, the president. As “Mrs. POTUS,” Hillary wielded power beyond any first lady in the history of our country.

The Association of American Physicians and Surgeons fought against the illegal secrecy of the task force meetings in 1993, and secured the release of the documents to the National Archives. Copies of many of these documents are online. Mrs. Clinton’s modus operandi of deleting documents required to be produced in legal proceedings was evident in 1993: A number of the floppy disks, purportedly containing documents that had to be preserved by law, were blank. This was not made public on a broad scale at the time. Clinton’s failure to produce all of the secret task force documents is even more troubling in light of the current investigation into Clinton’s more than 30,000 deleted emails from her time as secretary of state.

Because the “Hillarycare” task force met in secret, and the documents were never publicized by the mainstream media, few medical professionals and hardly anyone among the public knew that Hillary Clinton pushed for complete elimination of private medicine in the United States.

One frightening provision Mrs. Clinton pushed hard to achieve is that doctors who engaged in private medicine would be fined $50,000 for the first offense, and then put in jail for the second offense. Patients would be forced to accept government-employed doctors, government guidelines for medical care, and rationing of services based on a political agenda.

That is why today, in 2016, Democrat POTUS Candidate Hillary Clinton has been saying Obamacare doesn’t go far enough toward government-run, or “socialized” medicine. Hillary has sought all along to create a system for the U.S. like Canada’s. Patients are totally at the mercy of government decisions on the number and specialty of doctors, how many hospitals or MRI scanner or other services are allowed, what medicines may be prescribed and for whom, how many patients the doctors may see before meeting their “quota” for the year, and so on down to micromanaging every detail of medical services.

In election 2016, you face only two choices for your life and health:

  • Will you vote for medical freedom with total repeal of Obamacare and implementation of patient-centered, market-based solutions allowing continued private medical care to be available for all?


  • Will you vote for the fully government-controlled “public option,” single payer, socialized medicine that may not cost you much money – but may well cost you your life?

Elections have consequences. In this election, your vote may be the last meaningful choice to allow you choice in your personal medical services.

Staying home is not an option in 2016 if you value your freedom and your life.

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