There are obviously two Americas within America. They cannot possibly coexist in the same capsule over the long term.

One America, call it Sorosland, is the land of the slaves and the home of the knaves. Sorosland consists of government-plantation dependents (individuals, groups and institutions) overseen by supranational ruling class masters and their subordinates in the charlatan class, charged with day-to-day operations. Together, they form the globalistas. The charlatan class takes in most of the federal government, MSMDNC, Team Obama, Hillary/Bill Clinton and the rest of the invidious puppets in the globalista managerie.

The other America, the sustainable America, works hard, raises families, abides by the law and civilized norms of behavior, pays taxes, defends family and community, fights in wars when called upon, respects the natural rights of others and values the right be left alone.

Sorosland is the antithesis of sustainable America. The mission of the former is to overwhelm and annihilate the latter. The mission is exceeding all the speed limits under Obama, slavish stooge of supranational ruling class masters.

The next election will doubtless set the stage for the battle of the century.

Steve Osborne

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