The systematic exploitation, rape and abuse of a nation’s daughters would once have been cause for revolution or war.

But mere months after it was revealed Muslim gangs in Rotherham, England, were savaging English girls on an “industrial scale,” new reports indicate the practice is as prevalent as ever.

And the persistence of so-called “grooming gangs” even after their activities have been exposed indicates nothing less than the “death” of British civilization, according to some experts.

Phil Haney, a counterterrorism analyst and the author of “See Something, Say Nothing,” suggests this is nothing new. He says European governments know exactly what is going on and are permitting it, perhaps because they are afraid of the political consequences if people realize the problem’s extent.

“This kind of activity has been documented in Europe for at least 20 years,” he told WND. “Since such individuals have been operating with impunity for so long, they obviously consider the risk of getting caught to be very low.

“The government is seemingly blasé about it, perhaps because the government realizes that fully acknowledging the extent of grooming gangs would be an unmitigated political disaster with widespread repercussions in several political and social arenas.”

Haney suggests rather than cracking down on immigrants, European governments will crack down on their own people, especially women.

“If mass immigration continues, there will be escalating levels of physical and sexual assault,” he warned. “At the same time, there will be admonitions from their governments to European women not to incite immigrants by their ‘provocative behavior.'”

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Pamela Geller, an internationally renowned anti-Shariah activist, WND columnist and author of “Stop The Islamization of America,” says she is not surprised in the slightest by the continuous presence of “grooming gangs” in Rotherham.

“The same conditions that made these practices widespread in the first place are continuing,” she told WND. “This includes the fear on the part of law enforcement and governing authorities of being charged with ‘racism’ and ‘Islamophobia.’ Clearly, the British government has decided that a politically correct adherence to policies of ‘diversity’ and ‘multiculturalism’ are more important than the safety of its own people. Local communities go along for lack of any alternative, as all opposition has itself been stigmatized as ‘racist.'”

Geller predicts “disaster” if mass immigration continues into the United Kingdom, perhaps even ending in “civil war and civilizational suicide.”

But one author believes the suicide has already taken place.

“The British crisis is particularly wrenching given that it is the precious and innocent who suffer – young British girls,” Diana West told WND. “When we realize the extent to which British civilization has abandoned its own girlhood to the depravity of predatory Islam, we realize the extent to which British civilization is dead.”

West, a WND columnist and a contributor to “Shariah: The Threat to America, An Exercise in Competitive Analysis,” said if people do not understand the existential threat posed to the West by Islam after Rotherham, they never will understand.

“I think that all there is to say here is that there is nothing more to say,” she said. “To explain, I will paraphrase something the great Danish journalist, historian and free speech advocate Lars Hedegaard said to me several years ago: If people do not see what Islam is by now, they do not want to see ever.”

West argued what is at stake is nothing less than the cultural extinction of America’s mother country. She marveled at the seeming lack of resistance by the British people to the exploitation of their own children by Muslim rapists.

“The people who gave us the chivalric code, a truly great literature, property rights, natural law, traditions, can we say they even exist anymore?” she asked. “To be sure, there are valiant pockets led by postmodern-day heroes such as Tommy Robinson and Paul Weston. But what of the rest?

“What of the elected leadership and great citizens? What of those non-defenders of the faith, ‘the monarchy’? How can any of them permit and accept these vicious assaults on their culture and their people that would have been unthinkable to previous generations of Britons? We must conclude they are empty shells with no heart, no soul – fearful even to debate Muslim immigration in any mainstream forum.”

However, West cautioned Americans not to believe they are any better or more courageous. She blasted opponents of Donald Trump who object to his proposed moratorium on Muslim immigration, some of whom even call themselves conservatives.

“Doesn’t the whole thing sound uncomfortably familiar?” she asked. “Here, too, while the conditions are very different, the syndrome, the cowardice, the capitulations are similar. The proof is in the intensity of the attacks on Donald Trump for making Islamic immigration and the spread of Shariah an issue in the presidential campaign for the very first time in our history. If he loses, it will be the last.”

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