I am a firm believer in the attempt by this government to slowly murder Americans through aerial spraying [“Critics: Scientists blowing smoke on ‘chemtrail’ study”]. Not only planned murder but modifying the environment to further their man-global agenda when the natural weather process of warming and cooling of the Earth won’t cooperate with their devious plan.

If these “scientists” really wanted to seek the truth, which they obviously don’t, they would do an in-depth study. I personally have witnessed how a cloudless, blue sky can be obliterated with chemicals after five jet aircraft made identical heading passes over my head, with some distance between each pass, and whatever they sprayed expanded and covered the sky near Helena, Montana, for over eight hours.

I don’t really care what these supposed “experts” state. They are either purposeful government liars or they simply have not made an effort to truly find the overwhelming evidence that exists.

William Massey

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