U.S. military drills on American streets and roads, on public lands and in cities and towns long have prompted fears that the federal government is preparing to impose martial law.

Military vehicles are suspect whenever they’re in public, with or without cause, and suspicions have been fueled by recent massive federal power grabs such as Obamacare.

But this week a military base in Colorado is throwing cold water all over the coals of a rumor that appeared on the Internet.

The spark came from an image that purports to be from Fort Carson.

The stationery is labeled “Department of the Army, Headquarters, 4th Infantry,” and it is described as a “Memorandum for the Record.”

The subject?

“Preparation for Martial Law.”

See the image:


It even lists various brigades and cites how many soldiers from each will be participating in new training, because, as it explains: “5 August 2016 2322 the Bill for the Executive Order Enacting Martial Law has been put into effect. Fort Carson will start training and preparation on 5 September 2016 at 0900.”

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Three-hundred fifty are to be from the 1st Stryker Brigade Combat Team, another 625 from the 1st Infantry Brigade Combat Team, 275 from the 4th Sustainment Brigade and more.

“Training will last for six weeks before the rotation of soldiers in the field site every 3 weeks after the first six weeks,” it explains.

But it’s not real.

“The Facebook posting showing what appears to be an official 4th Infantry Division memo is a complete fabrication,” Fort Carson officials said in a statement. “There is no training being conducted on Fort Carson concerning any type of martial law preparation.”

The Colorado Springs Gazette said, “Conspiracy theorists have long linked the post to easily debunked plots to separate Americans from their freedoms, and the latest involves an alleged memo from the post’s 4th Infantry Division ordering troops to train for a military takeover of law enforcement starting next month.”

The report said it “appears to be on Fort Carson letterhead and contains a smattering of Army terminology.”

However, the Gazette said the letter “falls apart,” because it calls for the post’s 1st Brigade Combat Team and its 350 soldiers.

But that unit has 4,000 soldiers.

And another named unit, the “1st Infantry Brigade Combat Team,” doesn’t exist, the report said.

One unit listed, the 4th Combat Aviation Brigade, happens to be in Afghanistan now.

“And the Obama administration has not issued an order for martial law, and Congress has moved to forbid the president from issuing such an order, starting with the 1878 Posse Comitatus Act, which forbids federal troops from enforcing domestic laws,” the Gazette reported.

Earlier, the report noted, an Internet rumor said the Mountain Post allegedly was housing United Nations forces for an “international takeover.”

Read the WND book that inspired the film, “Ride the Thunder: A Vietnam War Story of Honor and Triumph” – autographed at the WND Superstore!


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