It’s an analysis rooted in science, but it’s likely to create a political firestorm. And the first shots have already been fired.

Liberals are already criticizing a landmark study on gender and sexuality. Authors Lawrence S. Mayer and Paul McHugh of Johns Hopkins University found no evidence for the “born that way” theory and warned against putting children through a “transgender” transformation.

In response, Samantha Allen at the left-wing site the Daily Beast sneered at McHugh’s involvement in the study in a piece titled, “The right’s favorite anti-LGBT doctor strikes again.”

She bemoans the “predictable far-right lovefest” and questions McHugh’s expertise.

“The Washington Examiner and other conservative media outlets would have you believe that McHugh’s statements on LGBT issues are significant because he is a ‘prominent psychiatrist,'” she smirks, using scare quotes.

McHugh is a professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and was for 25 years the psychiatrist-in-chief at the Johns Hopkins Hospital.

Experts warn such criticism is likely only the beginning.

“The researchers who have dared to publish this study have tremendous courage,” professor Paul Kengor told WND. “They have basically committed professional suicide. The forces of ‘tolerance’ and ‘diversity’ among the LGBTQ brigades will now harass and demonize these researchers with the vitriolic sexual-gender McCarthyism they have mastered. They destroy any critics and dissenters. The researchers have committed heresy in the church of secular progressivism. They will now be punished.”

Kengor, the author of “Takedown: From Communists to Progressives, How the Left Has Sabotaged Family and Marriage,” said the study challenges the homosexual lobby’s entire agenda. Therefore, he argues, the counterattack will be vitriolic and swift.

“If this research is indeed accurate, then its implications would be profound,” he told WND. “The nature redefiners and fundamental transformers on the progressive left badly want to reinvent everything from marriage and sexuality to gender and unborn life. Any data by any serious researcher that stands in the way of their grand project will be treated with great hatred.”

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Carl Gallups, a pastor, talk-show host and author of “Be Thou Prepared: Equipping The Church for Persecution and Times of Trouble,”  said the study is a victory for “reality.” He stresses he has no problem respectfully relating to people who identify as homosexual or transgendered.

However, he does have a problem with being told such behavior is normal. And he says the persecution of dissenters is likely to increase, regardless of the facts.

“The problem I do have is with the politically correct insanity that insists the rest of us call ‘normal’ what clearly has never been the ‘norm’ at any time in history, nor in any culture,” he told WND. “I, along with millions of other Americans, also have a problem with the radical homosexual agenda insisting that our culture actually celebrate the anomaly. And that same radical agenda continually lobbies to pass laws, and issue edicts, mandating the acceptance of it – regardless of one’s cultural and faith-based beliefs – under penalty of criminal and civil law.

“Now, once again, in this latest study, the world is faced with reality. Real scientists, medical doctors, and psychological professionals have yet again concluded, and published for peer-review, that homosexuality and transgenderism are absolutely not connected to genetic markers. Once again the hard science, and the obvious historical facts, are staring us in the face. If the gay lifestyle is not a matter of genetic predisposition, then, logically it would have to be predominately a matter of choice – or a learned behavior.”

Gallups said although he is a man of faith, he believes it is the homosexual lobby that bases its actions on feelings and wishful thinking rather than objective reality.

“I am certain the radical agenda’s outrage will be imminent,” he warned. “And, more than likely that indignation will be based upon appeals to feelings, ‘fairness,’ what ‘should be,’ and what is now the ‘new norm’ – rather than to the observable, demonstrated, repeatable, and falsifiable scientific truth. Predictably, they will attack the messenger, rather than dealing with the facts of the message.”

Gallups does not fear only for researchers Mayer and McHugh. He believes Christians as a whole are being targeted, a theme of his book, “Be Thou Prepared.”

“I think it is no small coincidence that the vast majority of today’s radical homosexual movement actively engages in attacking and contorting the truths of God’s Word regarding this matter,” the pastor told WND. “For it is in this Word that we discover our Creator’s true plan for marriage, home, family and the sexual identification of human beings. Homosexuality and transgenderism are never celebrated, in any fashion, in the Word of God. Indeed, they are soundly condemned as an atrocity of God’s truth regarding the foundation of humanity and civilization itself. Yet, the opportunity for God’s love, healing and forgiveness is also held out from the hand of our Creator.

“This issue is truly something spiritual, emotional and psychological … rather than something mandated by DNA. The sooner our nation can come to terms with this fact, the sooner we can reach a balance of decency and sanity. If we continue down the path of ignoring the facts that right in front of our face, the quicker our national demise will be.”

Michael Brown, a WND columnist and talk-show host, has written a number of books on the topic of homosexuality, including the recent “Outlasting the Gay Revolution.” As a longtime observer of how the homosexual lobby operates, he says what will happen to the researchers of this study is predictable.

“How will gay activists respond?” he asked rhetorically. “They will shoot the messengers. Watch and see. We’ve seen the pattern for years.”

Brown said the homosexual lobby uses personal attacks to discredit any individual or group that disagrees with their agenda or presents evidence that contradicts their claims. Once the ad hominem attacks take effect after circulation by the media, the homosexual lobby can safely dismiss critics, calling them “discredited” even when they are nothing of the sort.

Brown specifically identified the far left Southern Poverty Law Center as a key part of the process. The supposed civil rights organization has labeled a number of well-respected, pro-family groups as “hate groups” for opposing homosexual marriage, including the Family Research Council and the American Family Association. In 2012, the Family Research Council was attacked by Floyd Lee Corkins, who said he picked the FRC as a target because it was listed as an “anti-gay” group by the SPLC.

Brown defended the credentials of authors Mayer and McHugh and dismissed claims they were politically motivated right-wingers. Instead, Brown claimed these “formidable scholars” are the ones being targeted by politically motivated activists.

However, Brown said ultimately “the truth will triumph.”

“In ‘Outlasting The Gay Revolution,’ I say we need to keep propagating the truth until the lies are dispelled,” Brown told WND. “We need to follow the truth wherever it leads. Those who want to know the truth need to study this report. And those choosing to shoot the messengers will only hurt themselves in the end.”

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