Are conservatives and Christians the worst enemy of “gays”?

I’ve never thought so.

Conservatives and Christians are not known for stoning “gays.” They are not even known for “outing” them. They are not known for prosecuting them in countries whose laws call for it. They are not known for attacking, prosecuting, humiliating, shaming or bullying them.

Yet, that is the perception – fed by so-called “progressives” and those hostile to conservatives and Christians who simply don’t want to be forced into participating in “same-sex marriage” ceremonies or approving of lifestyles, practices and behaviors that conflict with their own moral or religious convictions.

Last week, once again, we saw right here in the “enlightened,” secular Western culture just who the real enemy of “gays” really is.

The appropriately named Daily Beast, a digital media enterprise solidly and firmly in the control of so-called “progressives,” did something unconscionable when it assigned one of its writers to lure “gay” Olympic athletes with the use of dating apps for the apparent sole purpose of invading their privacy and publicly humiliating them in an international forum that could actually endanger their health and safety.

After being shamed themselves, editors at the Daily Beast pulled down the story – an act equivalent to closing the barn door after the horse is out.

The condemnation of the article was swift – especially from so-called “progressive” voices. But, some of those voices have approved of such “outing” in the past when it has coincided with their own political ideology and objectives.

Likewise, the so-called “progressives” seldom note the extreme danger homosexuals face from an ideology responsible for throwing “gays” off buildings, slitting their throats, incarcerating them, executing them and torturing them.

Do I even need to name that radical ideology so-called “progressives” have all-too-often aligned themselves with, made excuses for, accommodated, formed alliances with and, in the case of their favored U.S. presidential candidate this year, even accepted millions of dollars from?

Here’s what this despicable illustration shows: So-called “progressives” (and I use that term advisedly because the kind of “progress” they promote is not progress at all) are good at deconstructing morality that has served humanity pretty well over the last 5,000 years, but they are not so good at reconstructing.

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What so-called “progressives” do is attack Judeo-Christian morality without a thought as to its possible benefits to all – believers and non-believers alike – without a thought as to how to replace it, without a care as to the harm that might be inflicted on others as a result.

This latest example by the editors of the Daily Beast is just one good example of that recklessness, carelessness, conscienceless victimization and soulless cruelty.

Are so-called “progressives,” who honor and respect no immutable laws themselves, really reliable when it comes to creating a society that protects the rights of everyone equally? That is a question “gays” should consider – especially in this election year.

So-called “progressive” regimes of the past have demonstrated an inclination to turn convenient allies into corpses overnight. It happened in the Soviet Union. It happened in Mao’s China. It happened in the national socialist Germany.

It’s so easy for today’s “protected class” to become tomorrow’s victim and vice versa.

That’s why the notion of protecting “classes” is dangerous. The historically American way is protecting individuals. There is no need for special “rights” or “privileges” when all individuals are considered equal under the law. That’s the unique concept of the Judeo-Christian worldview so-called “progressives” seek to tear down, obliterate, raze to the round.

“Gays” really should think about who their most reliable “friends” are – and who is more likely to do them harm.

Are Christians and conservatives hunting them down and doing them in?

Who is? And who are the allies of those forces?

Who was it that shot up a “gay” nightclub weeks ago in Orlando?

And who was blamed for it by the so-called “progressives”?

Lastly, is there even one so-called “progressive” civilization in the history of the world that has offered “gays” the kind of safety and security they have achieved, outside of the Judeo-Christian, Western, limited-government model?

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