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'Angel' in beams of light at World Trade Center 9/11 memorial

Image being called the Angel of the World Trade Center. This image was captured by Richard McCormack. He is a photographer at the New Jersey Journal.
Copyright: Richard McCormack

A startling image has emerged from the recent memorial light display in New York City commemorating the 15th anniversary of the 9/11 attack on America by Islamic terrorists: an image that is being described as an angel.

“I did a double-take not knowing really what it was, but as I zoomed in it almost looked like a vision of the Lord with his arms crossed,” photographer Rich McCormack told a New Jersey station. “I got very emotional, and I got tears in my eyes.”

He’s posted his images on social media.

Yvette Cid, who lost two sons in the 9/11 terror attacks, told him, “Rich I know you don’t photo shop that’s an awesome pic wow I lost my two boys and I believe this is a sign to all that have lost a loved one.”

Here’s a zoomed-in view:

Copyright: Rich McCormack

And another even closer:

Copyright: Rich McCormack

The images even have been set to music online:

Helena Padget added, “The Lord is with us and this is just another reminder. It’s beautiful.”

McCormack, of Jersey City, reported he’d taken multiple images of the light, but the figure appeared only in one.

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