Original arch of Palmyra, in Syria

Original arch of Palmyra, in Syria

It’s nothing less than a gateway to destruction. And it shows America is at a “dangerous point” as it turns away from God.

“Harbinger Man” Jonathan Cahn, the world famous messianic rabbi and a bestselling author of several books, including the brand new title “The Book of Mysteries,” reacted sharply to a supposed “Triumphal Arch” recently unveiled in New York City. The triumph, said Cahn, is only that of false gods.

What is especially shocking, said Cahn, is to see in the very city where the Sept. 11 attacks took place a monument to Baal, the same god to which the Israelites turned during their time of apostasy.

“When I spoke on Capitol Hill I was led to speak of Baal as the incarnation of America’s apostasy,” Cahn told WND. “So now to see the actual manifestation of Baal on American soil is stunning.”

The arch erected in City Hall Park recently was a recreation of the Arch of Palmyra, destroyed in August 2015 by ISIS when it took control of the Syrian city, once a Roman settlement. The arch was re-created by the Institute for Digital Technology and UNESCO. It was created by robots following a 3-D model constructed from photographs taken of the original arch before it was destroyed. After being displayed in London and now New York City, the arch is going to be displayed in Dubai as part of a worldwide tour.

New York City Mayor William de Blasio called it an act of “solidarity” with those “lost in Syria,” and Deputy Mayor Alicia Glen said the arch was “a symbol of freedom.”

But Cahn said it was anything but a symbol of freedom. He noted the Arch of Palmyra originally led to the Temple of Baal. It fits precisely into what Cahn calls “The Harbinger” template of a nation consciously turning away from God despite warnings. And just like the ancient Israelites, the United States of America honored Baal.

“In the last days of ancient Israel, nine harbingers manifested in the land, each of them a prophetic warning of coming judgment,” Cahn observed. “But the nation responded to those warnings, not with repentance but with defiance and deepening apostasy. They progressively drove God out of their lives, gave themselves to sexual immorality, celebrated sin, persecuted the righteous and offered up their children as sacrifices. They continued in their apostasy until their judgment, their national destruction.”

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“The same nine harbingers have now manifested on American soil, warning again of future judgment. And America is now following the same progression of judgment as taken by ancient Israel in its last days. We have progressively driven God out of our national life, given ourselves to sexual immorality, celebrated sin, persecuted the righteous, and delivered millions of unborn children to death.

“But there was another part to Israel’s apostasy – the worship of Baal. When the nation turned away from God, it turned to foreign god Baal, god of carnality, power, and increase, and the god to whom they offered up their children. It was Baal that they were worshiping in the days when judgment fell.”

Cahn noted a plaque at the event made the connection between the reconstructed Arch of Palmyra and the Temple of Baal. He argued the sign of Baal is highly significant.

“Any student of the Bible will recognize Baal as the epitome of Israel’s apostasy from God,” he warned. “The worship of Baal was not only connected to the offering up of children as sacrifices, but to the persecution of God’s people. It was because of Baal that Elijah and the prophets of God were hunted down. Because of Baal, a curse came upon the land in the form of a drought.

“For Israel, Baal was the incarnation of the nation’s rejection of its true God, the embodiment of its apostasy. Baal was their substitute god, their replacement god, their anti-God. The appearance of the temples of Baal in the land of Israel were the signs of a nation that had once known God but was now at war with Him. So for the sign of Baal to now appear in America is an ominous sign – the sign of an America that had once known God but had now departed from Him, that had now rejected His ways, and was now at war against Him.”

What is truly portentous, said Cahn, is the selection of New York City as the location to host the recreation of pagan religiosity.

“One of the reasons why New York City was chosen as the site of the arch is its connection to 9/11 – which is also the key to the template of judgment in ‘The Harbinger’,” Cahn explained. “And beyond that, as in ‘The Harbinger,’ and as in the last days of Israel, it will constitute an act of rebuilding, and one that has been described as being an ‘act of defiance.’ And those who ‘rebuilt’ the arch have linked it to the indomitable human capacity to rebuild what has been lost. One can hear in this, the vow of defiance made by ancient Israel and recorded in Isaiah 9:10:

“The bricks have fallen

But we will rebuild with hewn stone

The sycamores have been cut down

But we will plant cedars in their place.”

“The sign of Baal is another harbinger of judgment, the same sign that appeared in Israel as it progressed to national destruction.”

Yet many Americans would argue the reconstruction of thearch and any reference to Baal is simply a nod to history. After all, few, if any, Americans literally worship the ancient pagan deity known as Baal.

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However, Cahn said this misses the point.

“In America, we don’t call the gods we worship gods or the idols we worship idols,” he explained. “But they are. There are many American idols. The gods of lust, of money, of power, there are so many.”

He argued the manifestation of the “sign of Baal” is critically important because Baal is the “god of the apostasies,” the symbol of those turning away from the God of Israel.

What’s more, Cahn noted there have been repeated manifestations and efforts to honor pagan gods on American soil in the years since Sept. 11, 2001.

“Last year in New York City, they put on the Empire State Building the image of a false god,” Cahn recalled. “This is one of the signs of Israel’s last days and this goes along with ‘The Harbinger,’ the appearance of the false gods in some way. The projected an image of the Hindu god Kali over New York City on the Empire State Building. It had to be the largest image of a false god in the history of planet Earth.

“Kali is the god of destruction and death. Over New York City! In the image, her tongue is sticking out and it’s dripping with blood. It’s an abomination. So the actual things we worship we generally do not want to name them as gods. But the fact that even these things appeared, and now in the same city they are planning to put up the arch which led to Baal is mind-boggling. And not only that, in America they have made statues to Satan and they have sought to erect them in American cities. It has never happened before in our history! These are bad signs.”

The messianic rabbi explained there is a mystery in how these false gods “return” once the God of Israel is driven out of public life.

“When Israel turned against God, when it drove God out of its life, out of its public square, the gods came in,” he said. “Baal, Asherah, Molech, all the gods came in. And this is a principle, that when you turn away from God, in some way when you drive God out, this happens. Nature abhors a vacuum, even spiritually. We were made to worship. So if you take God out, other gods will come in.

“In Hebrew it’s actually one of the mysteries in ‘The Book of Mysteries.’ The word ‘Elohim’ is the word for God. But it’s a plural word. If you turn away from Elohim, you will turn to your other Elohim, the gods. Because it also means the false gods! And yet it means the true god who is majestic.”

Even an ostensibly secular society, Cahn explained, will put up new, false gods to replace the true God it is rebelling against.

“It doesn’t matter if you are secular or whatever you are. If you turn away from god, you’re going to go after idols. It doesn’t matter if you don’t call them that. Even if you’re an atheist, you’re going to do that. And as it is with people, so it is with a civilization. When a civilization removed God, it always turns to other gods even when they don’t call it such.

“For example, look at the Soviet Union. They turned away from God and what did they do? They made Communism the god, the state became the god, they worshipped their leaders as gods. If a nation strikes down the ways of God, like the Supreme Court strikes down God’s ways, they are appointing themselves God. They are saying: ‘We make what is right and wrong. We define that.’ You are making yourself God!

“So when the state says ‘we are not under God anymore,’ then the state is saying it is God. So even in the 21st century, even though we may not call it as such, if you drive out God, you will end up worshipping the gods and those gods will be gods of your destruction.”

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