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No, Hillary, this is what's 'unprecedented' and 'disturbing'

Hillary Clinton’s reaction to the FBI’s reopening of a criminal investigation against her after inexplicably closing one earlier this year was interesting to say the least.

The words she chose to use were these: “It is pretty strange to put something like that out with such little information right before an election. In fact, it’s not just strange; it is unprecedented, and it is deeply troubling.”

Now, think about that.

According to Hillary, it’s “strange” and “unprecedented” and “deeply troubling” that the FBI would find new evidence of her participation in espionage crimes and reopen an investigation while she’s running for president.

Let me tell you what’s really strange, unprecedented and deeply troubling: that we have a presidential candidate who got herself into this mess and considers herself entitled to escape investigation and prosecution for crimes that would land other Americans in prison.

Do you realize that only twice in American history have we witnessed an active presidential candidate under investigation by the FBI for felony espionage charges? And both of those candidates are Hillary Clinton – once earlier this year and second now that she is back under scrutiny with new evidence against her having been found.

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Strange? Yes, it is strange indeed that one of our majority political parties would choose for its presidential candidate a woman who has made a career of skirting the law, enriching herself while in office, ignoring common-sense national security protocols, passing around classified documents on insecure servers and devices and setting a bad example for her staff that apparently followed suit in exposing secrets over and over again just in case America’s enemies didn’t capture them in earlier opportunities. THAT is strange, indeed.

Unprecedented? Yes, it’s indeed unprecedented that Americans would even entertain the notion of electing a president who is under investigation for criminal violations of national security laws. It’s also unprecedented that someone who has previously lived in the White House as “co-president,” served in the U.S. Senate and held the office of secretary of state would demonstrate such reckless disregard for the need to guard America’s vital secrets. She acts like she is entitled to a free pass for breaking laws for which others are currently serving prison terms for lesser offenses in lower positions of authority. What’s unprecedented is not that the FBI would have to reopen a criminal investigation against a presidential candidate 11 days before Election Day. What is unprecedented is that a presidential candidate would show such bad judgment as to force the FBI to do so. THAT is unprecedented, indeed.

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Deeply troubling? I’ll tell you what’s deeply troubling. That Hillary Clinton is blaming everyone else but herself and closet advisers for their predicament. Hillary and her husband, Bill, have gotten away with so much criminality, corruption and disgusting, revolting behavior in their lives, they apparently have concluded the laws of the land simply don’t apply to them any longer. What’s also deeply troubling is that tens of millions of Americans are still apparently ready to vote for her despite the likelihood that her victory would plunge the nation into a constitutional crisis if she won. THAT is what I call deeply troubling.

Do people actually feel sorry for Hillary Clinton?

Do Americans actually think she is being targeted unfairly and inappropriately?

Do some actually believe we should have two standards of justice in America – one for ordinary citizens and another for one who has spent her life feeding at the public trough while reveling in portrayals of herself as “the smartest woman in the world” and the “most qualified person ever to run for president”?

Let’s escape this national nightmare and elect Donald Trump the next president of the United States.

What do YOU think? Is FBI Director James Comey a hero or villain? Sound off in today’s WND poll

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