Donald Trump leads by two points over Hillary Clinton in the latest Los Angeles Times/USC daily tracking poll while Rasmussen Reports has them in a virtual tie and Investor’s Business Daily finds Clinton up by three.

IBD, a daily tracking poll, has Clinton at 43.8 percent to Trump’s 40.8 percent. But the difference remains well within the poll’s margin of error, as it has for the past several weeks.

The L.A. Times had Trump at 45.3 percent and Clinton at 44.2 percent, again with the margin of error.

Rasmussen had each at 45 percent support.

Meanwhile, the Washington Post-ABC News tracking poll shows Trump gaining on Clinton during the past week, slicing a 12-point deficit on Sunday to four points Friday, 48-44. Trump saw his biggest gains among independents — he now leads Clinton by 12 points, 49 to 37 percent, among independents.

In sharp contrast, the CNBC All-America Economic Survey has Clinton up by 9 points.

Rasmussen said its latest survey found 88 percent of voters say they are now certain how they will vote. Trump leads 49 percent to 47 percent among these voters.

Clinton has the most to lose among voters who still could change their minds, Rasmussen said. She has 49 percent in this group to Trump’s 30 percent.

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With the plethora of damaging emails being released by WikiLeaks and the hidden-camera videos from Project Veritas in which Democratic operatives openly boast of vote-rigging, Jennifer Palmieri, Clinton’s spokeswoman, said this week, “Honest and trustworthy has become our most talked about metric because it’s not great.”

WND reported this week Trump’s charge that the media polls “are phone polls put out by phony media.”

He accused the establishment media of giving the impression the race is over in an effort to “suppress the vote.”

While the polls sampled significantly more Democrats than Republicans, a national Gallup survey on voter allegiances during the last election found more Americans actually side with the Republicans than the Democrats.

An email released by WikiLeaks discusses an effort to “oversample” minorities in polling to favor Democrats.

Another reason to doubt polls is what happened the last time a candidate ran against the Washington establishment and had been declared dead by the media two weeks before the election. As WND reported, “A Gallup poll released Oct. 26, 1980, showed Ronald Reagan was slipping farther behind President Jimmy Carter, with Carter at 47 percent and Reagan at 39 percent.” No “published survey detected the Reagan landslide before it actually happened,” noted Time Magazine senior correspondent Massimo Calabresi.

Sign the precedent-setting petition supporting Trump’s call for an independent prosecutor to investigate Hillary Clinton!

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