An underground Christian ministry is claiming a “miracle” saved its some 50 people from an attack today by Islamic militants following the secret baptism of 24 Muslim converts near the Arabian Sea.

Bibles for Mideast, a non-denominational house church-based ministry under the direction of Pastor Paul Ciniraj, was working with the new converts in an undisclosed location near the Arabian Sea – praying and fasting – for three days, followed by a baptism ceremony for the new believers.

“About 50 people including baptism candidates attended the service,” said Rizwan, one of the participants and an eyewitness to what followed. “We all went by a bus. After the baptism service and prayers, we all entered the bus to return back to our house church for the worship service and the Lord’s Supper. The bus was moved. Suddenly some militants reached behind us by three or more cars and started shooting with guns towards us.”

With the convoy of three vehicles carrying armed Islamic militants firing at the bus and fearing for their lives, Rizwan said the busload of believers began “praying to the Lord for His mighty protection.”

“Miraculous Movements” recounts an amazing change taking place within Muslim communities where the truth of Jesus Christ is turning around the lives of many thousands of Muslims from more than 20 people groups.

“The people thought we would all be murdered,” said Rizwan.

Suddenly, with the attackers in hot pursuit, a giant dust storm formed just behind the bus.


“At first we were all afraid of seeing the dust storm,” said Rizwan. “We thought we may not be able to go beyond and will be held by the militants. But, Praise the Lord! Praise the Lord again and again! We all felt that the Lord Jesus Christ appeared upon the dust storm as a Mighty and Wonderful Man showing His protecting and lovely hands towards us with a sweet smile. Jesus saved us. He Himself blocked the road of militants in the form of a dust storm.”

While the bus riders continued to hear gunshots from behind them, they never saw the pursuing vehicles emerge from the dust storm.

Donations to the work of Bibles for Mideast can only be made by special arrangements through the ministry’s contact form.

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