(POLITICO) Bill Clinton on Tuesday tangled with a heckler at a Florida rally who threw back at the former president the remarks he made in October that Obamacare was the “craziest thing in the world.”

Clinton, who has at times gotten heated on the campaign trail, especially bristled at the suggestion that he would support repealing President Barack Obama’s signature health care law.

“What are you asking?” a visibly irritated Clinton responded to the questioner at a rally in Immokalee, Florida. “That is not at all what I said. Oh really? Go read it. Go read it. And don’t read it on the internet, don’t read it on the internet, get the whole thing. First, I campaigned hard for that law. Second, I risked losing the Congress to pass universal health care. Thirdly, I defended President Obama in 2010 and 2012 and he went up 5 points in the polls after I defended what he did with health care.”

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