Warren Beatty, during acting days

Warren Beatty during acting days

In one movie, the story line has two screenwriters in 1940s Hollywood writing a screenplay in one night so they can keep their jobs.

Another? It’s 1950s Hollywood and a young actress and a chauffeur must hide their budding romance from their boss.

By their plot lines alone, these two movie ideas sound equally intriguing.

However, they couldn’t have more different creative teams and budgets. The second story is a major studio release written and directed by Oscar-winner Warren Beatty. The first is a micro-budget indie that’s gaining traction with audiences and festivals nationwide.

It appears with new media, anyone can take on the titans.

Now, George Escobar, director of “The Isaiah 9:10 Judgment” and other hit films is directly confronting Beatty’s new period drama, “Rules Don’t Apply,” with his own tribute to the movie industry’s Golden Age, “The Screenwriters.”

“It was stunning to see the film festival audience reception to ‘The Screenwriters,'” said Escobar, executive producer and Advent Film Group founder Escobar, who is also vice president of WND Films. “They absolutely loved it!”

“The Screenwriters,” releasing to film festivals this year, has been called a “love note to Hollywood” for its witty banter and script about storytelling and friendship. It has gained awards and recognition at the Nova International and the Christian Worldview film festivals, and director Peter Edward Forbes has been awarded a scholarship to Columbia University’s screenwriting and directing MFA program because of his work.

Unlike Beatty’s “Rules Don’t Apply,” which took $26.7 million and dozens of years to bring on screen, “The Screenwriters” was shot in two weeks for $20,000.

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Escobar said he envisioned “The Screenwriters” as a special project that could inspire talented young filmmakers everywhere. With modern camera and video editing technology, anyone can make a film. Escobar wanted to prove that they could make an excellent one, as well.

As vice president of WND Films and a director of several blockbuster feature films and documentaries, Escobar knows how even a small company can make a big impact.

He directed the Oscar-nominated “Alone Yet Not Alone,” and the riveting family drama “Hero,” a touching story about the balance between family and career and the bonds between fathers and sons.

Escobar is also well known for his religious documentaries, including the stunning Holocaust documentary “Trapped in Hitler’s Hell” and “The Isaiah 9:10 Judgment,” the cinematic treatment of Jonathan Cahn’s bestselling book, “The Harbinger.”

Escobar also directed and produced a video series providing a compelling and detailed treatment of some of Rabbi Cahn’s most remarkable scriptural teachings as well as the widely praised profile of the world famous messianic rabbi, “The Harbinger Man.”

“It’s about time Christian film fans found out who George Escobar really is,” says his boss at WND, Joseph Farah. “This guy is a prolific rock star within the Christian film community – and he’s just getting started. Also on his plate right now is another major movie for theatrical release next year. He’s a filmmaker everyone needs to be familiar with. His work is amazing whether he has a big budget or a small one. Everything he touches cinematically is a work of art. And the story of how this little movie was made proves my point.”

Drawing on this formidable background, Escobar invited a group of interns and former production assistants he had worked with to build this film from script to screen. Professional actors took all of the major roles, and an award-winning composer put the musical touches on this black-and-white homage to Hollywood.

While Escobar provided advice and assistance along the way, he mostly stepped back and let the students tell their own story.

“It was fun (and sometimes nerve-wracking) to see the students shape ‘The Screenwriters,’ making it truly their own,” Escobar said. “What they accomplished under producer David Cook’s leadership, director Forbes’ creative direction and writer Elizabeth Stinnette’s inspired scriptwriting is truly remarkable.”

“The Screenwriters” may be going up against steep competition with “Rules Don’t Apply” and other Hollywood-inspired dramas, but Escobar believes in his creative team and the story they tell.

“‘The Screenwriters’ makes a bold promise that movies need a ‘great ending’ to make the audience happy,” Escobar said. “Watch until the end to see just how well our movie delivers on that promise.”

 Films which will make you laugh, cry and transform your life. “The Harbinger Man,” “End Times Eyewitness,” “The Isaiah 9:10 Judgment,” “Hero” and other exciting movies from WND Films. Each makes a great gift – and is available NOW at the WND Superstore!


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