President Nixon famously said, “I gave them a sword!” He was noting that he had obligingly handed his political enemies the means to destroy him. Donald Trump may have given out thousands of them. And at no point is it inscribed, on the blades, handles or scabbards, “Let’s make America great again!”

There’s next to zero alarm about this, but that doesn’t keep the whole deal from scaring me more than a stomp-down Hillary FBI exoneration would have scared me just prior to Nov. 8. Trump announced that, under his presidency, cities that continue to be self-proclaimed refuges from U.S. immigration law won’t get a dime in federal aid. In such “sanctuary cities,” where illegals remain free and un-molested and un-deported, illegals are not only allowed to live without fear of federal intervention but, in the words of Mayor Rahm Emanuel of Chicago, are “welcome to call Chicago home.”

Can you picture a dotty old tourist marching up to the security checkpoint at an airport with a gift-wrapped box and saying to the official, “Somebody abandoned this in a hallway over there and I have no idea what’s in it, but finders keepers! May I take it aboard as a carry-on, or check it with my luggage?”

Trump’s stance increased my joy at his triumph. But more and more cities, including some big ones (even Washington, D.C.!) have embraced or re-affirmed their determination to become sanctuary cities, in which those who sneer at American law enforcement may now do so assured of support from City Hall.

Since well before Trump was declared the winner, and with increased vigor since then, we’ve seen all kinds of opposition and even defiance of a Trump presidency. Much of that anti-Trump hatred is vicious and vulgar. And much of it has backfired badly and brought contempt upon itself, and brought new supporters to Donald Trump. Writer and commentator Adrian Vance reports that a left-wing radio talk host in his part of northern California couldn’t even speak the day after the election. He just played Mozart music stem to stern. But the anti-Trumpists will eventually realize that rallying behind the sanctuary-city movement gives their counter-productive hatred some moral underpinning. Or at least a semblance thereof. And they will try to exploit that.

So the danger I see is in giving every single anti-Trump American a seat in the “high-ground” bleachers, from which they’re free to keep on campaigning against Trump at a time when all of us Americans have done our time in divisive hell and deserve unified respite. Those who raise the colors of “sanctuary” will be free, without deadline or budget, to maintain a bird-feeding station for all the losers and loser-sympathizers to swoop down and feed upon the “heroism of all those who just have too much heart and soul to abandon the illegals to the tender mercies of a vengeful right-wing Trump regime,” regardless of how many times they’ve crossed the border illegally and how many crimes, including murder, they’ve inflicted upon those who’ve awarded them “sanctuary”!

Do you really want to help the downtrodden of the world? Be careful, now. I’ve been trying since junior high school, and it’s a pretty thankless gig. Why do you suppose America is the major mother-magnet on the planet? Are our potatoes tastier? Are our girls prettier? Do our waterfalls splash with a more felicitous tone? Of course not. We’ve achieved a God-kissed blend of freedom and prosperity. Those who break into our America illegally may have bad habits, but good taste in choosing where they prefer to live.

Let our retired successful executives volunteer to join teams to help countries that sincerely desire to become more like America. But beware! There are many, but those who have that desire have no power and those with power want no “reform.” Little Norway is as praiseworthy as America in many respects – freedom and prosperity. In 1959, when the Castro regime was but a few weeks old, they asked Norway for help to make the new Cuba more like Norway. When the Cubans saw the troy ton of “homework” they had to study, they despaired. The Soviets jumped in and said to Cuba, “Don’t worry about all that paperwork. We’ll do it for you!

If you doubt this little unknown morsel of history, just ask Jens Stoltenberg, secretary-general of NATO. His father, Thorvald, was Norwegian foreign minister at the time.

The point is, keep trying to reach the real freedom-fighters in all the blighted countries that desire better. You’ll never improve a nation by giving aid to their corrupt rulers or by merely admitting their refugees.

A lot of people on my side of the political gulf criticize liberals for “wanting to have a good feeling about themselves” stemming from their political activities. I have no problem with that, so long as those activities are worthy of that good feeling. Just don’t try to sell yourself as a champion of forest preservation when all you’ve ever done to protect our forests was to throw a rock at a woodpecker.

And, likewise, don’t expect me to hail you as a humanitarian if all you’ve ever done is vote for a mayor who made your city a haven for law-breakers. In olden times sanctuaries existed to protect those the government was persecuting. Now “sanctuary cities” are for those who persecute the government!

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