Who is really behind the “fake news” conspiracy and the Nazi-white supremacist hate machine?

Do you think it’s conservatives? Do you really think it’s the alternative news media?

Do you really think sites like WND that are being labeled as “fake news” by the establishment media make up stories?

Let me tell you some things I am in an unusual – maybe unique – position to know.

First of all, no other alternative news-gathering website has been around longer than WND – 20 years next May. I should know. I founded it with blood, sweat and tears.

What was I doing before I did that? I was working in what we euphemistically call “the mainstream media” – running daily newspapers in major markets on the Left Coast.

What was I doing before that? I was a radical left-wing student who was given a chance to attend elite colleges and universities at no cost because of my accomplishments and connections within the radical left.

Because of this background, I know exactly how the so-called “progressive” minds work. Their slogan back then was “By Any Means Necessary” – and they meant it. Today, it’s far worse.

They are champions at using smoke and mirrors and throwing money around to get their way.

And here’s what I strongly suspect is going on with regard to their war on alternative media in the form of proclaiming certain sites as “fake news” and smearing them with links to neo-Nazis and white supremacy.

No. 1: They are totally making it up and can’t and won’t produce any evidence for their wild claims.

No. 2: I believe they are actually supporting financially and otherwise the very things they claim to protest and smear their competition with – namely white racists and real “fake news” sites.

I not only believe this because of my experience as a young man on the move in the left, but because of my experience over the last 20 years.

Let me tell you, it is not easy doing what we do at WND. We’re outspent, out-manned, and we play by different rules.

For instance, WND uses the same standards and practices I cherished during my 20 years in the “mainstream media.” Yes, there were rules – good rules. I did my best to live by them then and I do so now.

The only standards and practices that have changed in that time are those of the so-called “mainstream” – a lie they embrace. I left that “mainstream,” because it left me and the rules I loved and embraced.

But let me get even more specific.

Some time ago, we noticed that a website popped up called “WorldNewsDaily.” At first I thought it was just a feeble attempt to grab some of the immense traffic we have attracted over the last two decades as the pioneer in alternative news online. Remember, the original name of WND.com was WorldNetDaily.com. We changed it, in part, because of confusion between the mysterious fake news site and our brand.

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But now I strongly suspect the startup of that fake news site and its maintenance over many years actually was part of an organized conspiracy, much like the clear conspiracy by the Big Media to metaphorically gang rape alternatives like WND, the DrudgeReport and Breitbart.com because we have become a legitimate threat to their cartel. I can’t prove it, but you must admit I am in a unique position to make this suggestion.

After all, without financial support, how would a real “fake news” site like WorldNewsDaily hang around for so long? Wouldn’t consumers get tired of getting ripped off by fake stories?

Then there’s the recurring charge that WND is somehow tied to neo-Nazi and white power ideas. And more and more we see efforts to “prove” this connection by organized efforts to post this kind of hate speech on WND’s comment section.

Here’s some evidence just in on that effort:

Copied below are a few selected comments about WND from the Stormfront.org forums (a wildly white supremacist/anti-Semitic website and neo-Nazi outfit), which illustrates how unsuccessful these efforts have been – and will always be.

I hate to give this disgusting stuff any attention, but I do so for self-defense purposes so you can see for yourself what we have to endure as an alternative online news company.

Warning: This is all verbatim, just the way the monsters posted the stuff in our heavily moderated commenting boards. Pay particularly close attention to the sites they have success posting on and the one they don’t have any success with:

From ‘In His Honor’

However, I can attest that WND will ban you in a minute, if you leave a fairly politically incorrect comment.
Forum Member

Default My Censorship Report for Disqus-Based Sites
My censorship report for fall 2013 and winter 2014.
These are sites that use the Disqus commenting system.

www. cnn .com – Many pro-white comments…
www. wnd .com – Either censored or may require email verify.
www. bloomberg .com – Posted successfully.
www. businessweek .com – Posted successfully.
frontpagemag .com – Posted successfully.
www. thetelegraph .com – Posted successfully.

These results are all based on my own posting experiences.

From the Stormfront e-activism forum

Mr Punch
Lifetime “Friend of Stormfront”
Sustaining Member

I made my first, and last, post at WND on the immigration issue. I said that you couldn’t expect to go far if you didn’t dig into who started and financed the open borders movement. Then I linked to an Occidental Observer article on the 1965 immigration act.

Instant ban

“Friend of Stormfront”
Sustaining Member

Leonard Zeskind is a bald-faced Jewish communist who wants to commit genocide against European Americans. This is the goal of all Jewish communists, and has been since at least 1917, and probably much earlier. “Racism” is a slur invented by Leon Trotsky to defame white Europeans as the first step toward their genocide. The world wars and the Soviet Union killed many tens of millions of the best Europeans, and these damned communists have brainwashed most of the rest.

Are you a person of non-Jewish European extraction? Do you ever use the term “racist” in a serious way when discussing your own people? Well, you are a brainwashed FOOL and a TRAITOR and you’re doing nothing but pissing on your ancestors. Haven’t you noticed that everyone else is allowed to be “racists?” Especially Jews? Figure it out, dumdum. We Europeans have every right to promote our own group interests, especially in our own lands. Again, notice the hypocrisy. No one in the “mainstream” calls Jews or Japanese or even Zimbabweans “racists,” though these countries have measures in place to keep out non-Jews, non-Japanese, and non-Bantus as permanent settlers. Only white people have been targeted for replacement in their own homelands. It is ORGANIZED GENOCIDE, and this wretched, hate-filled Jew is on the front lines!

I am also too “extreme” for WND. Freedom of speech is alive and well in Amerikwa…
Thank you for this. Very clear that Daily Caller and WND are NOT “conservative” in any way and very dishonest.

Lifetime “Friend of Stormfront”
Sustaining Member

The problem with WND is, if you say anything in the comments about JEWS, you are banned. They are a totally kosher site. Shows how clueless the mainstream that calls themselves “conservative” is.

There’s lots of more of this twisted textual smut, but I thought you might appreciate what it’s like on this side of the barricade these days.

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