I don’t know about you, but I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this week of politics. Trump’s been interesting, yes; but what’s more fun is watching the liberals melt down. And what better example than the Women’s March on Washington? Seldom has a collection of butt-hurt feminists been more fun to watch. Better than a barrel of monkeys.

Feminism has always been an enigma to me. Originally the movement had honorable intentions: equality in voting, owning property, even divorcing an abusive spouse. The wave of feminism that swept America during the ’60s again had a respectable goal: for women to be appreciated for their brains rather than their reproductive organs.

So where are they now? If the recent Women’s March is anything to go by, womanhood has apparently been reduced to little more than a flaunting of their internal reproductive organs. Forget the brain! V’s rule!

Empowered or idiotic?

Empowered or idiotic?


Even more comical, this movement purports to speak for ALL women. Chortle, guffaw. Wake up, cupcakes. You’re a pretty small (albeit shrill) subset.

Feminists are known for attacking anyone and everyone who doesn’t get on board with their groupthink for female superiority, and they’re having hissy fits with a strong man (who’s proving to be surprisingly conservative) in the White House because he dropped a vulgar word 10 years ago during what he thought was a private conversation. Yet they were perfectly willing to throw their vote behind a woman whose husband is a sex fiend and a rapist. Um, ladies … logic? Got any? Or do your V’s rule your brain?

The speeches at the Women’s March were comically laced with unspeakable profanity and vulgarity. Somehow they thought this would bring them support from more women. I guess they consider it attractive to adopt language, in public no less, which any decent person (man or woman) would find despicable in men. Um, ladies … logic? Got any? Or is it all about V’s? What happened to brains?

This march was supposed to bring women “empowerment.” What these cute widdle sweetums in their fuzzy pink hats don’t realize is the only harvest they reaped was scorn, mockery and ridicule.

Hillary Clinton, in an interview with People magazine, exhorted women to “keep up the momentum.” Um, toward what? Total world domination? Free curlers? What?

American women are arguably the freest women in the world: the best educated, the most successful in their careers, the most sexually liberated, the most vocal and the most strident. What more do they want? Can they specify exactly?

Even more oddly, these liberated feminists ally themselves with a dominating socio-political faction disguised as a religion that not only oppresses women, but actively persecutes them. Radical Islam forbids women the most basic rights and freedoms. It allows and even encourages men to rape, mutilate, stone and behead women for the least infraction against their patriarchy. Yet feminists will don headscarves and declare themselves in solidarity with this political suasion, which – let’s face it – values women for nothing more than their reproductive organs. Um, ladies … logic? Got any?

What unites feminists above all else is the “right” to keep abortions “safe and legal.” What this means, of course, is feminists want abortion to be celebrated, encouraged and – above all – taxpayer-funded. The idea of a woman exercising self-control by keeping her legs crossed to avoid pregnancy is met with scorn and derision (“Men don’t do that, why should we?”). I don’t know how these women manage to get pregnant so frequently since they apparently hate men with a seething passion, but there you go.

Feminist icon Gloria Steinem spoke at the Washington rally. The Huffington Post reported: “Steinem declared the modern age to be one of the most dangerous times for American women’s rights, and lashed out at violence, hate speech and a male-dominated society. ‘No more asking daddy. We are linked; we are not ranked, and this is a day that will change us forever because we are together.'”

OK, fine. No more “asking daddy.” Then why do you want “daddy” to pay for your abortions?

You claim you want the “right” to do whatever you want with your body; so why must I be forced to finance it? You claim to be pro-choice, but you do not give taxpayers any “choice” except to fund your depraved agenda and baby-murdering desires.

Look, ladies, the bottom line is this: I don’t care how you live your lives. I don’t care who you love or hate. I don’t even care if you get an abortion (well, I care – a lot – but I also recognize there’s nothing I can do about it). But if you want to do all this stuff, then pay for it yourself. Don’t expect “daddy” (meaning, us) to foot the bill.

Of course, while those of us who despise feminism are laughing our heads off at their antics, there is very likely a more sinister force behind these silly marches, namely “divide and conquer” by the very group feminists have illogically allied themselves with.

Watching the march from a coffee shop in Cairo, Egypt, was Cheri Berens, an American researcher for the Egyptian Ministry of Culture who witnessed the violence that preceded the takeover of Egypt by the Muslim Brotherhood and the counter-revolution that removed it from power.

According to this article, “Berens detected Muslim Brotherhood influence among the Washington protesters and rioters, and one facet may help explain how something many Egyptians consider a sign of oppression, the hijab, became a trendy accessory for some American women during their march. One of the four main organizers of Saturday’s Women’s March was Linda Sarsour, a pro-Palestine Muslim activist who supports Shariah law, the strict Islamic code that renders women thoroughly subservient to men.”

But will feminists ever realize they’re tools and useful idiots for the people who would love to see them shackled or dead? Probably not. There are none so blind as those who will not see.

“Most Americans have been focused on the stupidity of some of the goings on at the Women’s March instead of the deviousness of it,” noted Berens. “They want you distracted so that you won’t see what is really happening behind the scenes.”

Sigh. I will never understand feminist logic. Maybe it’s because my brain is a bit higher than my reproductive organs.

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