Perhaps the most baffling claim made by Secretary of State John Kerry in his speech explaining the Obama administration’s involvement in the U.N. Security Council resolution’s condemnation of Israel were these words:

“Israel cannot be both Jewish and democratic.”

Immediately, some interpreted Kerry’s unequivocal statement as racist. And it is, but not the way you might think.

Kerry, whether he realizes it or not, was making a point that demographics is destiny – a point often made by conservatives, but seldom by “progressives.”

The idea behind Kerry’s point is that a burgeoning Arab-Muslim population will someday overwhelm the Jewish population of Israel. Therefore, the only logical choice Israel has is to withdraw from areas where the density of the Arab-Muslim population is already high so that Israel can maintain a majority Jewish population.

Is that what Kerry believes?

In other words, does he believe Arab Muslims are wholly incapable of governing themselves in a democratic fashion amid a population that includes some non-Muslims?

If so, is he not guilty of the kind of Islamophobia he and his party accuse American conservatives of harboring through their efforts to control and limit Muslim immigration into the U.S.?

If the right thing for Israel to do demographically is to divide its nation up to separate Arab-Muslim population centers from Jewish ones, why would the U.S. be doing the opposite – calling for massive amounts of Muslim immigration into the U.S.? Wouldn’t that policy also lead inevitably – at some point in the future – to a clash with democratic values?

Here’s the stunning thing about Kerry’s statement: Israel has been both Jewish and democratic for 68 years. Kerry says that can’t happen. There are no other democratic nations in the Middle East – no, not one.

What are we to make of that?

And, if promoting democratic values is the whole purpose of the Obama-Kerry “two-state solution,” what makes them think the second state in the equation, Palestine, is going to be democratic? There’s not a shred of evidence that will ever happen. So it will be like so many other nations in the Middle East – Muslim and non-democratic.

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Why is that not a concern to Obama and Kerry?

But it gets worse.

Obama and Kerry and the Democratic Party deplore “ethnic cleansing.” Right?

Wrong! They are supporting the Palestinian Authority’s bid for nationhood, which is predicated on the principle of ethically cleansing their territory of all Jews. It’s an absolute demand by Mahmoud Abbas and all factions of his nascent regime. That’s why it is so opposed to the so-called “settlements.” It’s not because they believe they will be outnumbered by Jews. It’s because they won’t tolerate any Jews on their land. It’s an abomination to them. Therefore, even tiny Jewish “settlements” must be dismantled rather than incorporated into any future Palestinian state, according to the demands of the Arabs.

While Israel is perfectly happy to have millions of Arabs and Arab Muslims living within its nation, extending full citizenship rights, including voting rights, freedom of speech, freedom of the press and the election of their own representatives to the Knesset, the so-called “Palestinians” are not willing to accept any Jews in their lands – not even Jews who have lived there for generations.

Remember, the Middle East Muslim nations expelled some 750,000 Jews from their lands when Israel was founded. They were expelled with nothing more than the clothes on their backs. And they were the lucky ones. Others were killed in pogroms or suffered unspeakable indignities and persecution. A few are still trapped today – along with millions of Christians.

So what do Kerry and Obama and their party want to do?

They want to cater to this kind of hatred and intolerance. They want to accept it as a matter of unchangeable reality – for Muslims and Arabs, that is. They want to force Israel to play by one set of rules and permit the Arab-Muslim populations of the Middle East to play by their own set of racist, anti-Semitic and anti-Christian traditions of the last 1,300 years.

That is the strangeness of Kerry’s claim that Israel must choose to be either democratic or Jewish. Israel has proven for the last 68 years that it can be both.

Why does he suppose, or does he, that a new Arab Palestinian state can be an exception to what we see all over the world – an Arab-Muslim nation that is democratic with full minority rights for those who are not Arabs and Muslims?

Kerry knows that is never going to happen. He knows any new Palestinian state is going to give only lip service to democratic values. He knows no Palestinian state is going to do more than give lip service to acceptance of a Jewish state. He knows no Palestinian state is going to accept any Jews living within its borders. He knows the formation of a Palestinian state will mark only a new stage of conflict with and heighten demands on the state of Israel.

But that’s all just fine with Kerry and Obama and their party.

He doesn’t really care about democratic values.

And he really doesn’t care about a secure Jewish state providing a refuge for the most persecuted people in the history of the world.

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