A “depressed” teenager carried a concealed .22 caliber handgun to an American school in Monterrey, Mexico, then shot a teacher, three classmates and himself, according to authorities in the Mexican state of Nuevo Leon.

Graphic video has been posted online showing the gunshots as captured by a security camera.

Fox News reported spokesman Aldo Fasci of Nuevo Leon state said the 15-year-old was in a classroom at the bilingual Colegio Americano del Noreste.

The shooting left his victims in grave condition.

“Security camera footage showed the teenager quickly and calmly firing what appeared to be seven shots at seated students and a female teacher, some at point-blank range. At least two victims immediately slumped over after being hit,” the Fox News report said.

“The shooter, looking dazed, aimed at his own temple and pulled the trigger twice, but he had apparently ran out of bullets. He walked back to where he had been sitting, reloaded, and shot himself in the chin. He keeled over,” the report said.

There were few details released immediately on the victims, but Fasci said in a television interview that the shooter reportedly suffered from depression, and one other student was shot in the arm. Two 14-year-old students also were shot.

BBC quoted Fasci saying: “[This] is result of a situation that is happening everywhere. The children have access to the Internet. This has happened in other countries.”

He said schools formerly checked students’ bags when they arrived but dropped the policy when parents complained.

A Reuters report, conflicting with other reports, said the shooter was dead.

“Nuevo Leon state governor Jamie Rodriguez named the gunman as Federico Guevara and said he had died. His motive was being investigated, Rodriguez told a news conference,” the report said.

The report said parents gathered outside the school.

“While Mexico has endured a decade-long drug war that has claimed tens of thousands of victims, the country has not seen the type of school shootings that have occurred in the United States,” the report said.

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