The pro-terrorist radicals will stop at nothing to enable continued terror on our land. Their latest? They claim the countries that President Donald Trump has banned are not the countries where terrorists actually live.

They cite examples like the terrorists of 9/11, who were mainly from Saudi Arabia, and they note that Saudi Arabia isn’t included in President Trump’s travel ban.

Terrorists by their very nature are cellular. We know this. ISIS moves around. President Trump’s list of those travel ban countries is based upon data from the CIA under the Obama administration. Trump didn’t just make this up. He used the highest risk data based upon the current cellular terrorist threat.

This is not the first time an immigration or refugee ban has been instituted. Many presidents throughout American history have instituted them.

President George W. Bush halted all refugees from coming into the U.S. for months after 9/11. Carter banned Iranians from coming into the country during the Iran hostage crisis. You get the point.

They claim this act is anti-Muslim, because it “bans immigration from Muslim countries.” What is a “Muslim” country? Can you define that? I doubt it. Name a “Christian” country. You get the point.

So let me understand the lie that the pro-terror talking heads want you to believe: It’s an outrage for a country to ban people from a country that bans everyone who isn’t Muslim. Who are the xenophobes again?

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This president made a campaign promise to his voters that he kept when he instituted this ban. There is no religious test; there is no racial test. Those who call this xenophobic, racist or any other assortment of pejoratives are lying to you.

Trump ran on many things, including a promise to “Make America Safe Again.” That means the desires of people from other places might be secondary for a while. His detractors know they can count on the sheeple in their ranks to believe their lies, and vote for them.

The drama, oh the drama!

Sen. Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., actually feigned tears for the cameras on Sunday morning in the most obvious and contrived play for votes we have seen in recent history.

Democrats soundly lost in the last election, and they have now taken to the acts of petulant children, stomping their feet and crying dramatically in public, to try to get their way.

The media want to call these protests “extraordinary.” What is extraordinary? They have been protesting President Trump since his campaign began and they saw their free stuff was threatened. Many in the ranks are paid by George Soros. Others certainly invited to come here and live on welfare. Can we be honest about this?

I attended the Women’s March on Washington after the inauguration, and I asked many of the women why they were there. Most had no idea. Friends of mine were paid to go from San Diego to Washington, D.C., for the march, thinking it was a march for breast cancer awareness!

This president obviously ran on a list of promises he intends to keep. The beltway isn’t used to that. Imagine the White House staff bureaucrats the first weekend President Trump was in the White House realizing that he intended to work all day Saturday and most of Sunday as well.

When I rolled out of bed on Saturday morning, this president had already instituted the immigration ban and spoken with five heads of state. How will he ever be president if he doesn’t start golfing?

The best part of all has to be President Trump’s reaction to the pro-terrorist protests at the White House.

He invited his grandchildren over to watch “Finding Dory.”

Imagine the paid Soros “protesters” (a.k.a. lackeys/sheeple) on the streets outside starving for their five seconds of fame hearing that presidential yawn in response to their tantrums.

The next four years will be so enjoyable if the snowflakes keep up their antics, and President Trump continues to be himself, making fools of them all. I’m going to the beach to enjoy that thought. It’s nice to relax again, isn’t it?

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