As unbelievable and unconscionable as it may seem to common-sense reasoning, the Associated Press reported: “Chicago police say they don’t believe a man beaten in an assault broadcast live on Facebook was targeted because he was white. … Police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi said Thursday that charges are expected soon against four black suspects. Gugliemlmi says the suspects made ‘terrible racist statements’ during the attack, but that investigators believe the victim was targeted because he has special needs, not because of his race.” (“Chicago Police Describe Chronology of Alleged Hate Crime,” Associated Press Chicago, Jan. 5, 2017)

Don Lemon, CNN’s star news anchor who was recently seen slobbering drunk in tequila-fueled alternate reality while having his ear pierced during the network’s New Year’s Eve broadcast, awoke from his drunken stupor in time to render an equally absurd opinion. Lemon asserted: “I don’t think [the beating was] evil. I think these are young people and I think they have bad home training.” (“CNN’s Don Lemon On Facebook Torture Of White Victim: Wasn’t Evil, Just Bad ‘Home Training,'” Ian Schwartz, Jan. 5, 2017)

There is an inherent dishonesty in the media that cannot be overstated. Specific to same is the glaringly transpicuous validation of that very fact whenever a crime is perpetrated by predator blacks or by Muslims. The attempt to shield the most reprehensible and lowest forms of humanity at their demonic worst is no more a recent phenomenon than are the “fake news” allegations the mainstream media progressives are now blathering about. In fact the two go hand in hand. Let me explain.

The mainstream-media progressives thrive on lies and misinformation. Many are the times over the past century that media progressives have misinformed the public at the behest of the president himself. During World War II, the most respected newspapers and so-called journalists misled the American public pursuant to the atrocities the Jews were suffering in Nazi Germany under Hitler.

American journalists stationed in Germany, without regard for what the Jews were suffering nor respect for the trust the American public placed in them, knowingly lied and ignored the reality of Jewish life under Hitler.

“Many editors and reporters took their cues from the White House, either because of their political sympathy for the [FDR] administration, their deference to the president, or a sense that he knew better than they when it came to complex [issues].” (“The American Papers that Praised Hitler,” Dr. Rafael Medoff, Daily Beast, Dec. 20, 2015

This same practice is taking place today. The four animals that beat a physically handicapped young man did so precisely because of the color of his skin. And it is nothing short of agitprop in its purest form to claim otherwise.

The media progressives do not want the public to identify blacks with atrocities that are consistent with the most animalistic behavior. Progressive blacks and their ignorant useful idiots often employ the most absurd reasoning in an attempt to support their narrative that only white people are evil haters.

Logical minds ask, why do the mainstream-media progressives purposely mislead and lie? The answer is because it’s in their political interest to do so.

Today the mainstream media progressives follow the lead of the Obama White House just as they followed the lead of FDR decades ago. Obama made it clear through his Department of Justice that he would not tolerate truthful reporting that casts Muslims or blacks in a negative light, regardless how factual.

How many times over the years have we heard the media immediately report the skin color of a perpetrator of horrific crimes if they are white, but have to wait sometimes hours to find out same if the perpetrator(s) is/are Muslim or black? Allowing for what we factually know took place in the past, it is fair too argue that we are forced to wait because the media must wait for the Obama White House narrative.

Many will recall Obama’s outrage that the media reported the San Bernardino mass killing was a terrorist attack by a Muslim husband and wife. We vividly recall the rabid lies told by Obama and Hillary Clinton in an effort to deny Benghazi was a terrorist attack. Under Obama terrorist attacks in America are called workplace violence. We were told the Muslim terrorist attack at Fort Lauderdale Airport was not a terrorist attack before crime scene investigators were done counting shell casings – but it took hours before the mainstream media reported the perpetrator was Muslim.

I argue the four blacks who committed the heinous act are evil, and those who seek to protect them by minimizing their satanic act of violence are just as evil as the four who committed the crime.

Reasons for the condemnable attempts to downplay (read: ignore) atrocities committed by blacks or Muslims aren’t difficult to understand. The last thing the political and elite illuminati want to see happen is blacks held accountable for their actions because it would destroy their narrative that only whites are bad. Likewise, telling the truth about Muslims would result in their becoming persona non grata.

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