(LIFENEWS) — A Thursday Washington Post editorial on the results of a House panel’s investigation into what the paper called Planned Parenthood’s “contributions” to “fetal tissue research” packs an astounding number of falsehoods into a mere five paragraphs.

What the editorial defends is Planned Parenthood’s ghoulish practice of harvesting and selling baby body parts. The Post insists that the House panel wants to “punish” the organization by withdrawing its federal funding “without any evidence.” Though an editorial isn’t a news report, that doesn’t exempt its writers from telling the truth — and this editorial certainly failed in that regard, even contradicting the findings of a previous fact check by one of the paper’s reporters.

In light of what the House panel’s report really says, the first paragraph of the editorial is such obvious rubbish that readers who wish to spare themselves from reading the rest of it can be forgiven:

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